They bomb the president


March 19, 1973

Submits municipality to construction company. The Ahome City Council summoned the construction company REC, SA, which obtained the contract to carry out paving works with a value of 22 million pesos, so that within a period of ten days it starts work or otherwise, the contract will be terminated by applying the deposit deposited and applying the sanctions provided for in the contract. Since last November, the contract was signed with the company, where it was granted the concession for the execution of the paving works, and to date, nothing has been done.

They bomb the president. Phnom Penh. Phnom Penh. A Cambodian Air Force fighter plane dropped two 300kg bombs on the grounds of the presidential palace, apparently with the intent to kill the President Lon Nol. But the bombs exploded in the palace guards’ barracks, located a short distance away, killing 20 people, injuring many more and starting a huge fire. The attack, which occurred in broad daylight, raised alarm as many people began to run in panic through the neighboring streets.
President Lon Nol, who emerged unharmed from the attack, announced that he had declared the country in a state of emergency and that four constitutional guarantees had been suspended, including the inviolability of the home. Lon Nol described the attack as an attempt to take his life and blamed it on Captain So Potra, a former Air Force pilot and son-in-law of Prince Sihanouk, the ousted Cambodian ruler living in exile in Beijing. The attack occurred on the date of the third anniversary of the coup with which Lon Noi brought down Sihanouk. Lon Nol did not specify the precise security measures he will impose.

Beautiful queen candidates. Betty May Aguirre and Patsy Rodríguez combine their physical charms, the beauty of their virtues and their great gifts of sympathy, to be candidates for queen of the Great April Pilgrimage that is held annually in our area for the benefit of the Mochis School. A popular festival in which the Mochitense family always participates with the greatest joy, eager to help in charity projection events. The event will take place on the first of April in the Plazuela 27 de Septiembre.

March 19, 1998

They insist on closing Zaragoza. Leaders of permanent and semi-permanent positions do not give up on their proposal to close Zaragoza street between Rosendo G. Castro and Obregón, and settle there. For his part, the manager of Coparmex, Gaspar Redón, does not agree with the closure of the street, however, he hinted that a test can be done any day and that the population has an opinion on whether to close it or not. The senior official of the Ahome City Council explained that in order to carry out this movement, a comprehensive project must be presented on the impact it would cause.

They live raw anniversary. México, D.F. Pemex, the main company in Mexico, reaches its 60th anniversary in the midst of a harsh panorama. The international price of oil has reached critical levels and public finances are already suffering the negative impact. In this context, it was announced that the parastatal will seek to get from abroad the 700 million dollars it needs to finance export and production projects. Despite the downward trend, the Treasury considers that there are still not enough elements to lower the price of oil.

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