Therefore, Karin Kollberg and Andreas Gauffin were not at the Farmen finale

It was during one of the previous episodes of Farmen 2023 that viewers got to see the biggest fight of the year so far. It was all about a rumor of infidelity which, according to the participants, had started to flourish on the farm.

The rumor was that Andreas Gauffin and Cia Stenmark Sommerborn would have slept together, which according to Andreas was not true. Christoffer Hammarlöf was accused of spreading the rumor which caused Andreas to go to the roof, this was shown during the episode.

Later, Karin was also pushed into a corner.

“I’ll twist your head off”. Image source: TV4

– You should give a damn about spreading rumors that could affect my family, said Andreas.

– I haven’t even said anything, replied Christoffer.

– Are you grinning at me? I put you in the wall. I will twist your head off, continued Andreas.

The next day told Karin Kollberg that she chooses to leave the recording. Andreas told us that he chose to accompany her.

– I have developed pages I don’t like at all. I’m actually a nice guy, he said then.

After the incident, Karin and Andreas have argued on Instagram as Andreas’ partner has now become involved.

Two participants left the farm. Image source: TV4

Karin and Andreas were missing at the finale of Farmen 2023

On Sunday, the exciting finale of the Farm 2023 took place and after many nerve-wracking minutes it was clear that Nebil Davidsson stood as the winner.

Nebil and Tora. Image source: TV4

The whole gang then went down and sprayed Nebil with scum. But there were a few participants who were missing – including Karin and Andreas.

The bubble was popped. Image source: TV4

In an earlier interview with the production has News24 found out that the participants who drop out voluntarily are not allowed to attend the final. However, it is different if circumstances at home mean that you are forced to go home.

The rest of the gang. Image source: TV4

– Participants who spontaneously drop out will not be invited to the final, said Joel Bendrikexecutive producer at TV4.

As others who left the Farm were present, many viewers wondered why they were welcome. But if it is about leaving because of health problems or because of circumstances at home, as mentioned above, other things apply.

Nebil will do that for the winnings

Nebil told News24 that it was his children who reported him to the Farm and therefore they had to be involved in deciding what the money should go to.

– Since it was my children who signed me up, they had to decide to a large extent and they want to go to Ullared. So we’re going to take a little trip there so they can get rid of some money there. Then we’ll fix something at home and so on. After all, it’s money that you didn’t expect to have, so you can do whatever you feel like with the rest. If there is something that the children or the wife want to do, we will do it.

Nebil called his wife. Image source: TV4

Is there something you thought about when you watched the season, something that wasn’t shown or that people said behind your back?

– No, it is understood that people play and talk. However, I thought they showed quite a bit about how much we still took care of the animals. Some viewers have thought we were just lying on the dock or sunbathing. But we spent a lot of time with the animals and made sure they had a good time.

How did you celebrate?

– It was a party with production and participants. I was strangely not super excited but rather exhausted. So they ate a hamburger and had a few beers. While the others got to party on.

Was there a good atmosphere during the party?

– Yes, it really was, replied Nebil.


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