The viewers rage against Carina Bergfeldt: "Incredibly distasteful"

Last Friday, the couple visited Michael Bindefeld and Nicklas Sigurdsson Carina Bergfeldts talk show. The couple talked about the tough time when Nicklas suffered from cancer, something that touched many. But after the broadcast, there was another detail that the audience reacted strongly to.

Used surrogacy

Now viewers rage against Carina Bergfeldt after the discussion that Micael and Nicklas chose to use surrogate motherhood in the USA to have children.

In Sweden, surrogacy is illegal and therefore couples choose to go abroad to have children through the process. Surrogacy is a controversial topic and there are many who are critical of it.

In the interview with Carina Bergfeldt, the couple talks about why they chose to go to the United States to have children. According to the couple, it is very established there, which for them felt safe.

– We had seen a documentary about girls in Ukraine who carry other people’s children,” says Micael, indicating that young girls are used as surrogate mothers in the country.

Now viewers are reacting to how, a few seconds later, he himself calls the surrogate mother a girl on several occasions. A word associated with a child, more than a grown woman.

“You rent yourself out”

The couple continues to talk about the numerous interviews they went on with the woman and that it was, according to them, a mutual decision.

– She is the womb, you hire yourself, says Micael and laughs.

Micael and Nicklas then talk about their long list of requirements regarding what qualities and genes the surrogate mother would have. Nicklas says that the child’s height was important to him.

Micael adds that they were looking for a “Jewish girl” as they wanted their children to also have a Jewish upbringing. There are those within Judaism who believe that a child can only become a Jew if the mother is one.

Micael is Jewish himself.

“Disgusting Normalization”

Now the viewers are raging after the couple’s statements.

Exciting that you sit so cheerfully and discuss trafficking in children and women, but as soon as you are questioned, blocks are handed out on social media, embarrassing Micael Bindefeld” writes one user.

Vvigorous normalization of child trafficking and surrogacy practices..“writes another.

Incredibly low with a feature about trafficking in women and children without criticism. Will it be about organ trafficking next week? Or buying sex?” comments a third user.

The viewers rage against Carina Bergfeldt

But the criticism is not only directed at Micael and Nicklas, but also at Carina Bergfeldt and her actions as a journalist.

Isn’t it a journalist’s job to ask questions and highlight different sides of topics? Kind of like the problem of human trafficking when it comes to buying access to someone’s, in this case “a girl’s” uterus?!?! Shame on you @svt” commented one outraged user.

Such an incredibly unpleasantly privileged group that laughs and talks about buying a woman’s body and the demands that were placed on it and the child that was to be “delivered”. Total lack of critical issues and even journalism. Unpleasant and unpalatable.” writes another.

Micael has answered the criticism regarding the word choice of “girl”. Many wonder how old she really is, to which Micael replies that the woman in question is 25 years old.

Carina Bergfeldt has not yet responded to the criticism.

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