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Antonio Orozco tells of the health problem that affects his concerts

Anthony Orozco has been one of the artists who went on stage at the Wizink Center in Madrid to celebrate The night of CADENA 100. Despite the fact that he has been in music for more than twenty years, this has probably been one of the most special performances for him. Just a few days ago, the man from Barcelona explained to his thousands of fans that it had been “a very difficult few months” for him since he was detected a health problem that directly affected his professional career.

Antonio Orozco, very excited about his performance at CADENA 100's La Noche

Antonio Orozco, very excited about his performance at CADENA 100’s La NocheGetty

As you can see in the video that heads this news, Orozco explained that he did not quite find himself well with his voice because “he always had hoarseness” and the last concerts of his tour were “difficult”. “I went to have a check-up and they found a polyp, a small lesion on the vocal cords. I had a small intervention that went very well,” she said. The artist then explained that a polyp is “an injury that occurs in the vocal cords” and that it usually occurs when they are used a lot or “they do not sing or breathe properly” and, little by little, they give rise to an “injury “.

The artist is now in the process of recovery and is aware that it is something that is going “very slowly”. Despite the fact that he has the help of his singing teacher and hopes “to be able to be on tour soon and in the best conditions”, Antonio Orozco agreed to get on stage and sing on CADENA 100, readapting two of his best-known songs. .

The gesture of the public with Antonio Orozco that made him emotional

Visibly moved, Orozco went up on the stage of the Wizink Center in Madrid and made a request to the thousands of people who were waiting for him at the venue: “I’m not asking for much, really. Tonight I ask you to sing with me because there is not a single verse in this song that does not talk about you”. The artist sang ‘Give me back my life’, one of his best-known songs, and then ‘Pedacitos de ti’.

Antonio Orozco, at CADENA 100's La Noche

Antonio Orozco, at CADENA 100’s La NocheGetty

Once he finished singing, the artist could not contain his tears as he saw how the audience chanted his name and applauded his courage for taking the stage shortly after having undergone surgery on his vocal cords. “It has been a difficult time and this is one of the most beautiful gifts that I have been given in my entire life, he said”said the singer very excited.

The new stage of Antonio Orozco after his operation

Shortly before this performance, the artist publicly recounted what had happened to him and confessed that he had had “many nights of thinking” in which he had realized how “tremendously in love” he is with music and what each person does. day. For him, this injury to his vocal cords has meant a break and he was waiting for the days to pass, everything would be fine, and to be able to make it public. The artist stressed that what has happened to him “is not serious”, but he does have a slow and “torturous” recovery process. Happy to be able to tell it and grateful for the support received, Antonio Orozco has thanked his fans and is happy to start a new phase already recovered.

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