The PSOE accuses Ayuso of bringing out the "hate ideology" of the wealthy neighborhoods of the Castellana

In Madrid, according to the PSOE, already You can not dress, love or profess religion that one wants At least, that’s what he says in the editorial of his weekly publication ‘The Socialist’who blames Isabel Díaz Ayuso and the appearance of the extreme right for this situation.

The editorial, specifically, maintains that this change had been brewing in Madrid for years and that there was already a latent “ideology of hate” in some wealthy neighborhoods around the Paseo de la Castellana.

Said “ideology of hate”, according to the letter, “only needed an escape valve” to “bring out all the bad things that can accumulate in long seasons of bitterness”, with the media fanning the fire.

The arrival of Díaz Ayuso at Puerta del Sol and the appearance of the extreme right was the moment in which this feeling surfaced, according to the socialist. The text adds that the “Perfect storm” It is unleashed when those who think atrocities, although they do not dare to say them outside the home, see them on television coming from political leaders saying “those ugly things”.

In an editorial, collected by Europa Press, he anticipates that in the coming weeks they will review other territories that “also need urgent change.” On this occasion they focus on the capital and explain that Madrid has been for decades a welcoming and vibrant city “that did not close the door to anyoneand breathed the aroma of tolerance day and night”.

(Bolaños believes that the PP “will go on its knees” to ask Vox for support to govern after 28-M)

“Nobody felt strange, or different, because the person next to us appreciated as much as we did the differential fact of Madrid by nature: you dress as you want, love who you want, because you are the color you are, and profess the religion you want “Madrid is your place. Unfortunately, this has not been the case for a long time,” the letter states.

Against the president of the Community of Madrid, the publication also makes ugly the fact that her “bracelet populism” be your “greatest asset.” Regarding Martínez-Almeida, he assures that his political weight is “as irrelevant as his skill with the soccer ball.”

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