The grim story of Devil's Alley

CDMX is a place full of legends which are still valid over time. From the Colony and beyond, the fantastic, mysterious stories and those that make us lose sleep have been passed down from generation to generation. One of them is the Devil’s Alley, in Mixcoac.

Devil’s Alley has its dark history and it’s not for nothing. It is a place that today continues to generate fear in people who pass by.

The grim story of Devil's Alley
Devil’s Alley retains its legendary name. Photo: Facebook Mixcoac

A scary alley in the Mixcoac neighborhood

mixcoac means Serpent Cloud Place in Nahuatl. In this Magical District of the CDMX, we found Callejón del Diablo, a narrow and shady street that in the past was lined with trees. Now it is still a long alley with passage for a single vehicle and connects Avenida Río Mixcoac with Calle de Campana.

The grim story of Devil's Alley
The alley communicates Av. Río Mixcoac with Campana street. Photo: Facebook Mixcoac

It is not for nothing that it has that name and that it still retains it today. There are many stories that are told about this gloomy street, in which you have to think twice before entering and more when night falls.

The Legends of Devil’s Alley

The terrifying stories told about this alley are already common knowledge. People say that noises are heard and there is a dense atmosphere that makes anyone fear and that it is the Devil himself who lies in wait for passers-by and steals the souls of those who pretend to be brave.

The grim story of Devil's Alley
Strange noises and a tense atmosphere predominate in Callejón del Diablo. Photo: Facebook Fear Zone

One of these stories tells of a man who, incredulous at the rumors and warnings, he entered the alley at night. After taking a few steps, he saw a strange shadow behind a tree. As you continue on your way, the shadow grew bigger and became a horrifying being that laughed demonically. The man felt that the floor was sinking at his feet, but he was able to get out and tell about his experience.

It is said that the strange happenings in the alley originated by a young man who made pact with the Devil himself, being later deceived and unable to comply with what the devil asked of him, he had to give him his soul and lost it forever.

A presence observes the passers-by from the corners

People say that in Devil’s Alley there is an evil presence watching and chasing them. They also say that the devil appears in the form of an owl or as a shadow. In some time offerings of jewels and gold coins were left so that Satan would not bother. Offerings disappeared overnight and people thought the Devil was pleased.

The grim story of Devil's Alley
Many terrifying legends surround this alley. Photo: Unsplash

and is the legend of “El Julio”, a loan shark and con man who was found dead and dismembered in the alley one day. It is said that the Devil punished him for the favors he had asked, taking his soul and taking it to hell. They also say that “El Julio” is the one who appears in the alley as a condemnation of the devil.

Other macabre places in CDMX

Many like it feel the fear and adrenaline when entering gloomy and legendary places such as the Callejón del Diablo. There is no shortage of those who visit cemeteries on the night of the Day of the Dead to feel brave or places that are already famous for their mystery, such as the House of Tía Toña in Chapultepec, the Callejón del Aguacate in Coyoacán or the Isla de las Muñecas in the canals of Xochimilco.

The grim story of Devil's Alley
The Devil’s Alley is one of the many horrific places in CDMX. Photo: Facebook ECOviajes

Do not lose your fear, it is not going to be that in one of those a specter from beyond the grave or the Devil himself appears to us, who has his alley in Mixcoac, in the Benito Juárez City Hall and wants to take us with him.

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