The future is cooking in Madrid: drones that fumigate or construction with artificial intelligence

The future is already here and many technological advances are forged in the heat of the programs of the City of Madrid. This is verified when taking a look at the numerous initiatives that the municipal government has to promote the ideas of entrepreneurs in the capital and abroad. OKDIARIO collects a small sample of business that are starting up, but that are already showing signs of success in their respective fields.

For example, the City Council has La Nave, in Villaverde, it is the center of inspiration, education and open innovation that transforms the economic and social future of citizens. In a old elevator factory welcomes 49 startups in its facilities (226 entrepreneurs).

One of the leading companies that grow in this environment is drones hispania that promises “The future of agriculture”. It develops drones for agriculture that allow the application of herbicides and pesticides in complex or difficult-to-access areas. It allows to increase the profitability of the crops, reduce the environmental impact, since only the amount of necessary producthelps protect the health of workers, among other benefits.

Another municipal space is Puerta Innovación, a center specializing in projects for energy, mobility and sustainability. The building, as announced by OKDIARIO, is next to the Puerta de Toledo and offers shared work spaces for hosting innovative projects and, on the other hand, rooms for holding events such as conferences, round tables, workshops, work sessions and Similar.


Among the most striking companies is ChecktoBuilda platform that uses artificial intelligence, 3D plans (with which the usual plans are replaced) and machine learning to reduce cost overruns and temporary construction delays. It is an intelligent control system. This advanced control system validates what has been planned versus what has been executed, detects the progress of a work or detects possible deviations from the works with up to 1 centimeter precision in just 13 minutes of calculations.

Finally, there is the Madrid Food Innovation Hub, a pioneering entrepreneurship center for food issues in Europe and located in Villaverde. There is only one similar one in the whole world, in Tel Aviv. It is an initiative focused on the agri-food value chain.


As it shows two projects: Tigout has developed an innovative device that uses capsules to prepare in a few minutes the best of pastries in small freshly baked portions. The machine, which is designed as a piece of decoration to fit into any environment, has state-of-the-art technology and is very easy to use.

Desserts in capsules.

Another proposal is Eat And Green, a startup which is invested in the research and development of superfoods based on microalgae such as spirulina, chlorella, tetraselmis chui, phycocyanin or astaxsanthin. Food will experience a revolution after the introduction of this type of healthy products in our diets.

The International Lab (iLab), an internationally oriented municipal innovation center housed in a 19th century building designed to house the old laboratory, has become a hotspot for innovation. Among other ideas, he has promoted maedcorea company specialized in digital transformation that offers artificial intelligence, mechatronics, 3D modeling, metaverse and data analysis. They are in charge of all phases of the project, from the preliminary design and manufacture of the prototype to the start-up and launch on the market.

This company is developing an inspection and maintenance robot that moves across flat surfaces (floors, walls and ceilings) to analyze spaces that a technician cannot reach. Reducing the risk and cost of these tasks. The applications of this product are emerging in the energy world. On the one hand, for pipe inspections and, on the other hand, in the nuclear world for decommissioning, measuring radiation from nuclear power plants, thus avoiding the risk of taking measurements by technicians. Other commissions also have to do with the world of art.

sci fi

For his part, child angel, Councilor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the capital, explains that “the specialized centers of the Madrid City Council host numerous projects with huge potential. Projects that, in the medium-long term, are going to influence our day to day, adapting and simplifying processes and making our lives much more comfortable”. He defends that they are “projects that until very recently could seem like the result of science fiction and that, however, are already in the development and growth phase with the full support of the City Council.”

«Looking into these spaces is opening a window to the future and verify that Madrid is a pole of attraction for talent from all over the world, where the best ideas are generated, attracted and retained. Some of these startups, despite not being of Madrid origin, trust our entrepreneurship support network and establish themselves in Madrid to continue expanding at a global level. international», highlights the Madrid mayor.

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