TESTIMONY I remarried my ex-husband after finding out I was pregnant

They met in high school and it was immediately love at first sight. Sarah Hallas, 27, and David Lima, 28, quickly became inseparable. Despite a relationship punctuated by ups and downs, after four years together, they were married in July 2018.

However, their fairy tale soon came to an end. Two years later, in December 2020, the couple divorced. Separated, they both thought of turning the page but life had other plans for them…

Crazy Love

Right away it was clear that we only had eyes for each other » remembered Sarah in the pages of the DailyMail, about her meeting with David. ” We dated for a year and a half before breaking up while he was in college she continued. After graduating, David reconnects telling her that he needs her in his life. The couple gets back together and gets married very quickly. ” We were young, dumb and in love she blurted out.

A first failure

We had seen our parents have great marriages. When you are young, you think that by getting married, all your problems disappear. This was not the case she continued. Quickly, between the two partners, the communication breaks down and the marriage collapses. David then initiates a procedure of divorce. Sarah moves away, to Nashville. However, six months later, when the papers have just been signed, Sarah is in awe.

An unexpected pregnancy

My roommate and I were talking about our cycles and I realized I hadn’t had my period in a while she explained. ” I didn’t have regular cycles so it wasn’t unusual for me she pointed out. To reassure herself, Sarah takes three pregnancy tests which all turn out to be positive. ” I went to the doctor for an ultrasound and found out that I was pregnant three months she narrated. In shock, she nevertheless rejoices in this news and thinks of David.

separate lives

We hadn’t spoken since I moved. I asked him if we could FaceTime and told him the news. she revealed. David, too, is in shock. ” He was already struggling with the idea of ​​a marriage missed and now a pregnancy. It was hard for him and he decided he didn’t want to be involved in the first year. she declared. Sarah gives birth to Harv alone in December 2020, preparing to raise her son as a single mother.


But on Harv’s first birthday, David decides to reconnect with Sarah and her son. After a year of working on their relationship as co-parents, Sarah, conquered, agrees to marry David again in January 2023. ” He reached out to me on his first birthday, told me he wanted to meet him she explained. ” As soon as I saw him with Harv, I knew he had changed. He was kind, took care of himself she continued. She finds it more vulnerable and emotionally available » which he proves to her by apologizing for his absence.

A second marriage

Now married for a few months, Sarah and David say their relationship is “better than ever”. However, even though the reunion was happy, Sarah does not recommend everyone to reconnect with her ex-husband. ” I was nervous to tell my family and friends but they were so supportive and realized the work we had done on our relationship she affirmed. Today, Sarah lives a awesome couple life much nicer than the first time. “I’m grateful for the divorce because we were able to grow apart. We only got back together when it was time, that’s why it works she concluded.




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