Shigeki No Kyojin: What will Armin's role be in the series finale?

What role will Armin have in the series finale? Next, we will explore some possibilities.

Facing the end of Shingeki no Kyojin, it is worth addressing what will be the role that Armin will have in this battle for the world.

Although Eren Jaeger is the character that is in the center of the catastrophic events that are taking place in the Final Part of Shingeki no Kyojin, there are also others that are working in the background to prevent the situation from getting worse. Among these we can highlight Armin Arlert, the protagonist’s best friend.

If you have followed the story of Hajime Isayama, you will know that Armin He was part of the leading trio from its inception, along with Eren and Mikasa. These characters were best friends and shared the dream of leaving the walls to discover the world and all its mysteries.

However, in a cruel twist of fate, the paths of these characters have separated, so after some decisions by Eren, now his best friends must face him to stop him from destroying the whole world. And all this leads us to a big question, which has to do with the role that Armin will have towards the end of the series.

What role will Armin have in the series finale?

It is interesting to try to predict what will be the role that Armin will fulfill in the series finale.

It is interesting to try to predict what will be the role that Armin will fulfill in the series finale.

The development of the story of Shingeki no Kyojin has shown all the evolution that the character of Armin has had, who used to be a little boy who lived in the Shiganshina district, along with his two friends. The blond was always one of those children who preferred to avoid problems and did not hesitate to sacrifice himself for his friends, despite the fact that he had a very fragile personality.

However, after the attack of the Titans on this district and the loss of everything he had, he had no choice but to accompany Eren and company to join the Survey Corps to try to find a way to end this threat and finally be free.

Armin was never recognized for his incredible talent and physical skills, as Mikasa and Annie were, for example, but what the young man excels at is in his great capacity for strategybeing able to devise plans under pressure and with a high probability of success.

An example of this was during the match between Eren and Armin against Bertholdt in his Colossal Titan form. Although the latter was much more powerfulthe young strategist discovered his weak point and, in an act of sacrifice, gave his best friend the opportunity to finish off this Titan.

This great battle ended with the victory of Eren, but Armin had been burned by the steam of the Colossal Titan. It was here where the problem with Levi occurred, well he wanted to give the Titan serum to Erwin that he was also dying so that he would devour Berholdt and obtain his powers. And after a great discussion, they all bet on giving Armin the opportunity.

This put a great weight on his shoulders, as Armin did not consider himself worthy of this opportunity. However, with the passage of time, the young man has shown that he has everything necessary to be a worthy successor of Commander Erwin, although he himself does not see it. And, in this Final Part of the anime, he will play a very important role. Next, we will tell you all the details.

Be an architect of chaos and destruction

Armin has the destructive potential of a nuclear bomb, as demonstrated in Liberio

Armin has the destructive potential of a nuclear bomb, as demonstrated in Liberio

Although, initially, Armin did not have great battle potential, having turned into a Titan and devour Berholdt, this became the new Colossal Titan. In this form, the young man is capable of causing great destruction in his path, as he already demonstrated in Liberio, when only with his transformation, he caused what a nuclear bomb.

Armin has become a great threat to any city and army, since you don’t need supportbecause only with his power Titan can destroy everything that gets in his way.

Looking ahead to the events of the series finale, Armin is expected to make use of his Titan form again to be able to stop his friend, who is hell-bent on ending the entire world to protect his loved ones.

Also, considering that Eren is being escorted by hundreds of thousands of large Titans, it is practically mandatory that Armin has to transform into the Colossal Titan to make your way to your friend, killing even the Battleships that cross the path. Definitely, now that Armin is a walking nuclear bomb, he will play a big role in the final stretch of the series.

The Chief Strategist of the Survey Corps

Armin has shown a great talent for strategy and this will be important in the final leg of the series.

Armin has shown a great talent for strategy and this will be important in the final leg of the series.

Erwin Smith, former Commander of the Survey Corps, he was a prodigy when it came to strategy and plans of action. That is why, having been given a second chance, Armin did not feel he deserved it or that he might be able to follow in his predecessor’s footsteps.

However, little by little Armin has managed to show that giving him the opportunity was not a mistake, because He has a great talent for strategy.. This allows you to quickly and accurately analyze the situation to come up with plans that can help you achieve victory.

Obviously, this great talent as a strategist It will be very useful for the final events of Shingeki no Kyojin, as he will have to be able to analyze the Rumble situation and find a way to stop the advance of the millions of Colossal Titans that Eren has under his control.

Armin and his friends are at a disadvantage in numbers and power, compared to Eren. That is why the blonde must find a way out of this situation, but ensure that your loved ones will stay alive and, in the process, rescue his lost friend; although there are many characters that are likely to die.

Being the salvation of Eren, his best friend

Armin's most important role will be to try to stop his friend's advance and rescue him.

Armin’s most important role will be to try to stop his friend’s advance and rescue him.

Although previous roles are important tasks that Armin must fulfill On the battlefield, the truth is that the most difficult of all is trying to save your friend.

In this confrontation, Armin is torn between the possibility of rescuing his best friend and ending his life. This is a decision you want to avoidbut he understands that, if necessary, he would have to do it, because, otherwise, Eren could continue with his destruction.

The second part of the Shingeki no Kyojin final season special is still missing to find out the outcome of these events and for some important questions to be answered. However, whether you make the decision to kill Eren or try to save him, the truth is that this is the opportunity for you. Armin proves that choosing his life over Commander Erwin’s it was the right choice.

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