Seven real reasons why being single is awesome


eat canned ravioli?Seven real reasons why being single is awesome

In spring it’s “love is in the air”. But before you jump on your next Tinder date, we’ll show you why you might want to stay single for a while longer.

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As is well known, spring is the season when not only flowers but also feelings and love sprout. But don’t worry if you don’t have a partner: Being single also has advantages.


As a single person, you don't have to share a bed with anyone, except maybe your pet.  Still, you can spread out and take up as much space and bedding percentage as you want.

As a single person, you don’t have to share a bed with anyone, except maybe your pet. Still, you can spread out and take up as much space and bedding percentage as you want.


Studies have also found that single people are both happier and more social than their matched peers.

Studies have also found that single people are both happier and more social than their matched peers.


That’s what it’s about

  • The weather is getting warmer, the first signs of spring are showing.

  • With that comes the spring fever, it’s the perfect time to fall in love.

  • But maybe you’d rather think twice about whether you really want to enter into a relationship, because: Being single also has its advantages.

«Ändlech single again!». The food manufacturer Hero is thus celebrating the 75th birthday of the iconic Swiss canned ravioli. The message: instead of having to (or being allowed to) cook an elaborate lunch or dinner for your partner, as a single person you can spoon ready-made ravioli out of a tin quickly and easily.

But not only less effort in the kitchen is a good reason to be single. Here are seven more reasons to enjoy your free time.

More bed space and better sleep

As a single you can lie sideways in your king-size bed and spread out like a starfish – nobody will disturb you during your nightly contortions. Also, no one snores in your ear, you don’t have to fight for your corner of the duvet every evening and you don’t sweat – there’s no oven lying next to you that raises the temperature in bed to uncomfortable levels. This has a positive effect on the quality of your sleep – you are more likely to enter the deep sleep phase and have a more restful sleep.

More friends and acquaintances

One american study shows that singles are more socially committed. They also maintain closer contact with parents and siblings. Single people are also more likely to help their neighbors and friends than married people. People without a partner also have more time to maintain their friendships and meet friends more regularly. Married people and couples, on the other hand, tend to isolate and isolate themselves.

Single people are happier

A study by the University of Texas could convince all singles who still have concerns that they cannot be happy alone. A total of 1.2 million people were surveyed for this. The result: unmarried people said they were happy more often than married people. In addition, one’s own life is felt to be more relaxed and free – and single people are on average less exposed to conflicts. This also reduces the stress level.

Better career opportunities

You are more flexible in your job search or career opportunities because you don’t have to consider anyone. Moving for a new job is not a problem – you don’t have a partner who would have to come with you and who might be affected in your professional advancement as a result. In addition, unmarried, childless women have better wage prospects. Having children and being responsible for the household often means that women have to give up their jobs at least for a certain period of time or have to reduce their workload.

Nobody eats your stuff from the fridge

Who doesn’t know it: You’ve been looking forward to dinner or a snack that’s already in the fridge all day. When you get home, however, the Tupperware lies empty in the sink, and the chocolate is gone too – your partner has satisfied his or her hunger with it. Soon the fridge will look like the one in the office, with little pieces of paper with your name on it. Or you can simply stay single and enjoy the long-awaited dessert, which is left untouched in the cool.

Lots of me time

After work, you may not feel like talking or hanging out with anyone at all. As a single you can confidently invest your free time in yourself at home, enjoy the peace and quiet and do what your heart desires at any time. And if you want to completely disconnect from the world for a few days, that’s no problem: turn off your cell phone and then hit the sofa, where you can hang out in the same baggy shirt all weekend – completely undisturbed.

Be selfish and don’t compromise

Whether it’s decorating the apartment, dinner or weekend plans – as a single person you have everything in your own hands. So you can skip your boyfriend’s toy car collection or your partner’s overpriced but horrible rug. Would you like to go somewhere spontaneously in the evening? No problem as a single, because nobody is waiting at home to spend the evening with you.

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