Polnischer Botschafter schließt direkten Zusammenstoß Polens und Russlands nicht aus

19 Mar 2023 8:26 p.m

In the event of Kiev’s defeat on the battlefield, Poland “will have no choice” but to go to war against Russia itself, the Polish ambassador to France said in a TV interview on Saturday. This also causes controversial discussions in Poland.

If the Kiev authorities do not defend their independence on the battlefield, the Polish army will have to intervene directly in the confrontation with Russia, Polish Ambassador to France Jan Emeryk Rościszewski told French TV on Saturday LCI. Rościszewski literally:

“If Ukraine does not defend its independence, we have no choice but to intervene in the conflict.”

The diplomat was convinced that the Ukraine crisis is a “struggle for the fundamental values ​​and culture of the West”, which is why it is so important to win.

After reports in the Polish media these words of the diplomat have already caused controversial discussions in Polish TV programs and social networks. While Rościszewski had the full backing of his words from Deputy Foreign Minister Paweł Jabłoński, Polish MP for the opposition left and member of the Foreign Affairs Committee Dr. habil. Maciej Gdula, the ambassador’s immediate resignation. On Twitter, Gdula wrote:

“The Polish Ambassador to France’s statement that if Ukraine doesn’t get its way we will go to war with Russia clearly exceeds his authority and he should simply be removed from office.”

Below the broadcaster’s tweet LCI Western Europeans, in particular, expressed their approval of the Polish ambassador’s appearance. Comments in Polish are mostly negative about the compatriot’s statement, but cannot be quoted due to the numerous swear words used. A French user therefore does a large proportion of Poles an injustice when he writes:

“How stupid these Poles are! They already have 20,000 men in Ukrainian uniforms in action, more than 3,000 dead. Ukraine is not a member of NATO or the EU. Their independence is not our problem.”

Jan Emeryk Rościszewski took up the post of Polish ambassador to France in April 2022. He previously worked in the banking and insurance industry. He worked for several years at PKO Bank Polski, of which he was Chairman of the Board for a few months in 2021. Between 2012 and 2016 he was Deputy Chairman of the Audit Committee of the Polish Insurance Association.

Poland wants to become a gas hub "after Ukraine

Last year, the head of Russia’s foreign intelligence, Sergei Naryshkin, said Washington and Warsaw planned to repeat the historic “deal” between Poland and the “collective West” after World War I, which allowed Poland to occupy part of Ukraine and then incorporate these areas into the Polish state. At the same time, Warsaw intends to deploy a “peacekeeping contingent” in those parts of Ukraine where the risk of a direct confrontation with the Russian military is minimal.

In January, former Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski said that in the early stages of Russia’s special operation, Warsaw was indeed considering the possibility of partitioning the former Soviet republic. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki then asked the diplomat to “drop these shameful allegations”.

The Polish authorities actively support the Kiev regime. According to official data, the republic ranks second after the United States in providing military aid to Ukraine, supplying tanks, rocket and gun artillery, drones, other weapons and ammunition.

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On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he would launch a special military operation in Ukraine together with the armed forces of the Donbass republics to protect the population there. The goals are to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine. Ukraine speaks of a war of aggression. On the same day, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy declared a state of war across the country.

The West condemned the attack, reacted with new deliveries of weapons, promised help with reconstruction and imposed sanctions on Russia.

Scores of soldiers and civilians have been killed on both sides of the conflict. Moscow and Kiev have accused each other of various war crimes. Thousands of Ukrainians have fled their homeland.

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