Nicole Falciani's sex reveal about the new Paradise Hotel: "Very..."

It was 2021 as the participant Toby Johnson was thrown out of the hotel after gross violations. After suspected abuse in the reality series, a preliminary investigation regarding rape and sexual harassment was initiated, which was later dropped.

The production team Nent decided to stop the current season, and the season that was recorded was also scrapped. Until now.

Here you can read more about the canceled season of Paradise Hotel.

Canceled Paradise Hotel season airs – Nicole Falciani hosts

It was at the end of February 2023 that Expressen revealed that the canceled season of Paradise Hotel would air and premiere on March 20. In an interview with News24 says the presenter Nicole Falciani about how her thoughts went when she was reached by the news.

– At first I was very shocked. I thought: “But god, shit, that was like two years ago”. But then it was super fun, that something you’ve done that hasn’t been seen will finally be seen.

Nicole Falciani explains that her life has changed drastically since the season was filmed several years ago. She now lives in Italy and is a new mother to a little daughter.

Host Nicole Falciani and participants Olle Axeland, Ida Fransson and Jesper Bengtsson. Photo: Jessica Gow/TT

Paradise Hotel contestants’ disappointment ahead of the new season

According to The Express there are several participants who are upset that the canceled season will now be broadcast.

– I think that when it was decided not to broadcast the season, all the participants were disappointed that it would not be broadcast. And then now that it is going to be broadcast, some people were disappointed that it was going to be broadcast. I think more that it might have been about the fact that you had set yourself up for it not to be shown and so you might have put it behind you, says Nicole Falciani and continues:

– And then maybe you have started a new job or you have other family relationships. So I think it was more about thinking that it is a chapter that is closed and then now it opens up.

How does it really feel for the presenter Nicole Falciani that all the participants are not completely satisfied with the season now coming to the surface?

– It’s clear that it’s sad because it’s a very good season. It’s really a fun season and there’s a lot going on.

– That people regret or don’t think the same as they did two years ago, that’s how it is. And it must be okay and it must stand for them. But from my presenter’s perspective, I think it’s great fun that it will be broadcast.

Nicole Falciani on the new Paradise: “Too boring”

Instead, the new “Paradise” replaced the long-running Paradise Hotel, and the new program focuses on equality and diversity. The age limit was raised, single beds were introduced and participants can pair up with whoever they want, regardless of gender. But like many critical viewers, Nicole Falciani is not particularly impressed by the program.

– I have checked. I think it’s a little too boring for my taste. I think so.

The presenter explains that the upcoming season of Paradise Hotel is quite different from the new Paradise.

– This is an old Paradise Hotel season in the sense that there is a lot of intrigue, there is a lot of drama, a lot happens, there are a lot of unexpected twists. For the viewers, this is the old PH, says Nicole and adds:

– The biggest difference is that Paradise Hotel is much more chaos and that there is much more drama and that it may not be as child-friendly.

Nicole Falciani on the new season of Paradise Hotel: “They are very nice to each other”

In the new Paradise, there were strict rules regarding consent before sex. In a sober state, the participants had to tell the production the same day, and also give a thumbs up to the camera before intercourse.

– Consent is always very important. I absolutely believe that productions in general when it comes to reality need to get better at including what is relevant, and how you can do it to show that you actually want to, says Nicole Falciani.

Nicole Falciani, on the other hand, does not think that viewers will be upset by anything shown this season.

– No I do not think so. It’s a Paradise Hotel season in the old spirit, but the participants, even though it’s a game, are very nice to each other.

Show host’s revelation about Paradise Hotel 2023: “Many are in love with Olle”

Olle Axeland is one of the participants in Paradise Hotel. Photo: Jessica Gow/TT

Like the old seasons of Paradise Hotel, viewers can also expect a lot of strong emotions this year. Nicole Falciani can, among other things, reveal that the participant Olle Axeland is involved in a lot of love drama.

– Olle has a lot of girl drama. There are many people who are in love with Olle, says Nicole Falciani and continues:

– It can probably even be more than a triangle drama.

The sex reveal about the canceled season of Paradise Hotel: “Very…”

In the previous seasons of Paradise Hotel, the program has been characterized by feelings of love, but also drunkenness, pacts and a lot of sex.

How will it actually be in the new season, will we see a lot of billowing quilts inside the hotel?

– Yes, we will get to do that, says Nicole Falciani to Nyheter24 with a laugh and adds:

– There is a lot of romance. Lots of drama.

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