Laura Escanes and Risto Mejide They issued a statement last September in which they announced by surprise the end of their marriage after seven years of relationship and a daughter in common. Since then, the influencer and the presenter have generated thousands of headlines in the heart press, especially since the influencer’s relationship with Álvaro de Luna, interpreter of hits like ‘Juramento eterno de sal’ or ‘Indios y Jeans’, with which he no longer hides.

EXCLUSIVE | Laura Escanes told Divinity how her beginnings with Álvaro de Luna were

A decision that both made from the deepest love and aware that they would have a common future between them. They were always clear that they had to maintain a friendly and cordial treatment for the good of Rome, his most precious treasure. “In any way, we are going to have each other forever,” the content creator promised at that time, which she has once again demonstrated in the Father’s day who have managed to redirect their relationship.

Laura Escanes's public congratulations to Risto Mejide for Father's Day

Laura Escanes’s public congratulations to Risto Mejide for Father’s Dayinstagram

‘Between the sky and the clouds’, the podcast by Laura Escanes, is being one of the main ways of catharsis through which the 26-year-old is making her followers participate in the emotional process that she has had to go through. It was in one of her last episodes, in which she talks about everything and nothing with her friend Jorge Lorenzo, where she was encouraged to tell for the first time the reason why his love story with Risto came to an end.

Laura Escanes reveals the reason why she separated from Risto Mejide

Laura Escanes reveals the reason why she separated from Risto Mejide

“I was very happy, but there came a time when we didn’t make each other happy, neither I to him nor he to me. I think the age difference is not a problem if you are at the same vital moment. I think it is not the difference but the vital moment. What’s happening? That the difference in age and the moment in life are closely related,” Laura explained, finally settling the debate on what led to a divorce that caught a large part of the public by surprise.

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