Laughter, requests for a hand and good music, this was the Sin Bandera concert

( Mexican-Argentine duet Without flag During the two hours that his presentation lasted, this Saturday night at the National Stadium, He did not stop giving his fans reasons to laugh, sing, enjoy and even get emboldened to ask their partners if they wanted to go to the altar with the artists interpreting “Dime Que Si”, in the background.

It was past 7:25 p.m. this Saturday when the entry of the rest of the Sin Bandera team announced that he was only a few seconds away from having the pair of singers on stage, ready to give a great night to the 12 thousand ticos present in the colossus of La Sabana with their show.

“That the waves are made of magic and not of salt water, I believe everything for you and you don’t give me anything, you don’t give me anything, that if I follow your path I will reach Costa Rica”, included the country in his interpretation Noel Schajris, causing the audience to scream with excitement.

The epidemic of proposals came during the second song that the duet performed, artists and fans sang the lyrics of “Dime Que Si” in unison, when Schajris asked the audience to applaud Fabián and Edgar, who were living one of the most romantic and important moments, when the couple yelled that they were they had said yes, the attendees vibrated with emotion.

But the request of Fabián and Edgar was not the only one of the night, a second couple said “Yes” in the middle of the song, in the fifth row a young man knelt before his girlfriend to ask her to marry him, which took the attendees by surprise, Noel asked “Did he say yes?” Those who were around the couple responded in the affirmative, to which the artist said “If we celebrate?” Those who were nearby cheered the newly engaged.

The show continued, after 8:20 p.m. came one of the most anticipated songs of the night, “I saw you come” With this classic of romantic music, the fans sang together with the band “I have no refuge but fantasy, I have nothing left to do, but to make you a poem”, to which the singers of the duet said “how beautiful they sing”.

Almost halfway through the show, the artists became nostalgic and recounted the beginning of “ABC”one of the most beloved songs in his repertoire “we made this song a memory, inspired by South American poetry, in these beautiful poems by Neruda, by Benedetti, and thinking of women, of the wonder of women, of the wonder of our close women and what they represent for us”.

The energy of the singers directed the vibe of the public during the two hours of the show, in which at times he was cautious like Leonel’s and in other dynamics like Noel’swho mounted the ends of the stage at different times and even took off his suit jacket and shirt to put on a black T-shirt, all in the presence of fans who screamed and laughed while the band entertained with a sexy melody on complicity for the fun moment.

“Please don’t say anything anymore, I understand, but understand me, each word increases the pain and a tear wants to come out,” the audience chanted loudly and with a lot of feeling, to which at the end Noel said “that song is 20 years old… how strong”.

He moment with which many burst out laughing It was with the clarification of Schajris to indicate that towards the 8:45 pm there was still a long way to go for the show to end, “how was a lot missing?”, in an attempt to remember Costa Rican expressions, since despite being Argentine, he lived his childhood and adolescence in the country, in addition, he has a Costa Rican brother.

The request to remember the expression caused the audience in unison to say “ahhh, of course, a lot is in Mexico, but here it is… a pich…, a pich… of songs is missing”the audience broke into hysteria, the singer resumed “un pich… mae, okay? Are we ready?”, and continued with “If you are not here.”

“That I cry for you, that I cry without you, that I already understood that you are not for me and I cry,” the artists sang loudly together with the public.

Three of the most memorable songs from the band’s repertoire came for the end “Mermaid”, “Kilometers” and “May life reach me”With these songs the public danced, jumped, sang and more than one of them had some fibers of a memory of the past removed.

Once the last chord of “May life reach me” sounded, At 9:45 pm the show ended, The fans applauded for several minutes and the artists came together to thank the love of those who have not stopped following them since the beginning of their careers, even between 2008 and 2015, when they separated.

The artists said goodbye to their audience with a bow and a wide smile, while the melody of “Happy day” sounded.

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