"Krone" presented - Tyrolean infected with Real Madrid gene since visit

As part of a special cooperation, the royals invited part of SV Kirchbichl to their place. The trip became an unforgettable experience. Exciting: The “Krone” was there up close.

SV Kirchbichl on one side, Real Madrid on the other. David against Goliath, so to speak – only without war, but in complete harmony. Because the Tyrolean football club and the royals have entered into a cooperation – unbelievable, but true, real! This includes not only the organization of a football camp for 7 to 16 year olds in Kirchbichl, including outstanding opportunities, which the “Krone” presents – see report on page 19 – but also an excursion to the kingdom of the royal family in Madrid. Last week the time had come: Christian Elzinger and David Hager from FC Kirchbichl went on a three-day trip to Stefan Kohfahl, head of the Fundación Real Madrid Clinics, with the camp participants Fabian (13) and Ben (13) and the “Krone”. , a football school program outside of Spain, and Marlon Withalm, Country Mamager Austria, who acquired SV Kirchbichl as a cooperation club. Saturday, March 11, 2023, 12:30 p.m., Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, Real Madrid meets Espanyol Barcelona: two hostesses from Real Madrid open the gates of the VIP box reserved for the Kirchbichlers. Royalness is reflected here for the first time, because the box boasts a priceless view of the pitch, cushioned cinema seats, a buffet with tapas and drinks, and its own (!) toilet. “The stadium is still as good as empty,” says Ben, surprised. Hostess Raquel counters: “It’s completely normal in Spain. Most of the fans don’t show up until just before kick-off, which is just before 2 p.m. today.”Whole families are there as supporters in the stadium ! Children, mums, dads, grandmas, grandpas – all in the Real Madrid look – sing the club’s internal anthem so loudly that one could well think it would be the Spanish national anthem. They are truly in ecstasy when the Real Madrid Striker Vinicius Júnior runs onto the field and briefly waves to the supporters. He is – and that becomes clear in the 22nd minute when he spectacularly equalizes after being 1-0 down – the crowd’s favourite. “It’s fascinating how quickly Vinicius Júnior pulls in and finishes,” says Fabian, almost paralyzed. Confident 3-1 victoryThe white ballet – unfortunately without “our” David Alaba, who is injured – danced across the lawn for 93 minutes, is far superior and is crowned the winner with a 3:1. Royal too: coach Carlo Ancelotti stood on the sidelines in a classy suit and tie! Renovation costs 850 (!) million euros The following day, Kohfahl and Withalm give the four Kirchbichlers special insights into the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu – including a tour of the pitch and trophy collection. The stadium is currently being rebuilt for the royal sum of around 850 (!) million euros. “Things are integrated that no other stadium in the world has to offer. No more details can be revealed yet,” Withalm draws attention. The training ground – comparable to a high-security wing – is also part of the tour. There is not only plenty of room for the professional soccer players and professional basketball players – yes, Real Madrid also has a basketball team – but also for the youngsters of the academy. Speaking of basketball: the successful Real players – they are currently in the lead the table of the highest Spanish basketball league, just royally, – also received the troupe from Kirchbichl. They offer you an exciting game against Bilbao on Sunday, which you can watch in the Wizink Center in the first row in the super VIP area – final score: 86:65 for the Madrilenians. “This small club can achieve great things” is the conclusion about this brilliant weekend? “We will never forget all that again,” Fabian and Ben agree, “We weren’t that enthusiastic about Real Madrid before, but since taking part in the camp and the excursion the tide has turned completely.” It sounds as if the both are now infected with the Real Madrid gene. “Yes, you can definitely say that,” they beam, competing with Elzinger and Hager. SV Kirchbichl was “our surprise club in 2022,” emphasize Kohfahl and Withalm, “this showed that a small club with numerous committed and good people can achieve great things. Last year we had an outstanding camp week, in 2023 we all want to go one better – and if there is a club that can do that, then it is SV Kirchbichl.” “The basis for discussion is open and on an equal footing” Christian Elzinger and David Hager – both from SV Kirchbichl – reveal in the “Krone” interview what it’s like to cooperate with one of the most important football clubs in the world. “Krone”: How did the first contact with Real Madrid come about? Elzinger: With an e-mail , which landed in my inbox by mistake in early March 2022. It contained the request for a summer camp for children and young people between the ages of 7 and 16. Almost everyone advised me against it, because there are already so many clubs and (former) players that offer such camps in Tyrol – but the quality of most of them leaves a lot to be desired.Hager: Nevertheless, we decided to use the Listening to requirements and having discussions with Stefan Kohfahl, Managing Director of Fundación Real Madrid Clinics, and his collaborator Marlon Withalm. It was getting better and better, the trust grew steadily and we got involved in the cooperation. So you started organizing the camp for the summer? Elzinger: Exactly. And then we communicated it quickly. At the end of March 2022 we already had 60 participants – from that point on we knew it would be a success. We were able to win the ‘Kronen Zeitung’ as a partner, the number of participants grew steadily and leveled off at around 176 children and young people in the summer. So you completed the camp in Kirchbichl with coaches from Real Madrid.Hager: The most important thing for us was that the quality of the camp was 100% right. After all, the name ‘Real Madrid’ stands for quality all over the world. The parents pay a lot of money for the week, we demanded top performance from the royals right from the start – for example from the coaches. In return, we prepare our sports facility perfectly and organize a fresh, healthy lunch every day. Fritz Pfister from Riedhart’s Markthalle supports us eagerly. When will this year’s camp week take place? Elzinger: From Monday, July 31st, to Friday, August 4th, 2023 – here in Kirchbichl. You can now register on the homepage of our SV Kirchbichl, we currently have just under 100 registrations. Our goal would be a total of 200 registrations, then we would have the largest Real Madrid camp that has so far existed outside of Madrid, here in Tyrol. Hager: We created a small catalog for Stefan Kohfahl and Marlon Withalm for this year, which have to do better this year. That was our condition for a sequel. It’s not about money here, it’s about quality. How does the exchange with one of the most important football clubs in the world work in principle? Hager: This cooperation is by no means a matter of course. We have a very open basis for discussion at eye level. And with the two, Stefan Kohfahl and Marlon Withalm, you can clearly see that they are passionate about it – just like us. What can the camp participants expect this year? Elzinger: Excellent trainers, outstanding units, a great package, for example including a meet and greet with a Real Madrid pro player. The two best players can go directly to the final camp in Madrid, six others can take part in the so-called ‘Try Out Competition’ – another selection camp in which they meet other talents from Real camps in Austria. Here again the best make it to the final camp in Madrid. By the way, the ‘Try-Out’ from last year’s camp will take place this year on May 21 in Kirchbichl. No other camp can offer this “first-row-foot-free package”.Hager: What is very impressive is that for Real Madrid it is not just the technique that counts with the young kickers, but also the social component. Those children and young people who do not use the elbow technique but are social are encouraged. Last year’s winners caught our eye all week long. They were technically, but above all humanly strong, even outstanding. Registration for the Real Madrid camp from 31.7. to 4.8.2023 in Kirchbichl in Tirol at www.sv-kirchbichl.at

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