How to look pretty without makeup and like your natural self?  Three important pieces of advice

How to look pretty without makeup? Surely you have asked yourself this question many times, looking in the mirror in the morning and dreaming about those few minutes of sleep that you could gain by discovering the answer to it. Meanwhile, in our experience, it is not in any particular cosmetic brand or “miracle device”, but in something completely different.

How to look pretty without makeup? Pay attention to that!

Due to inflation, remote work, as well as growing environmental awareness, makeup minimalism is becoming more and more common in our homes. We don’t just want limit the number of cosmetics used on a daily basis, but also because of the changing trends, strong makeup I just don’t like it anymore many of his supporters. However, they do not know how to look good without makeup However, there are several important points worth noting.

How to look pretty without makeup? Let’s start with the fact that you’re probably pretty already – now you need to work on becoming like yourself in sauté / Pexels

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How to start liking yourself without makeup – the method of small steps

First of all, don’t throw yourself into deep water. Although this thesis would amuse many people whose self-esteem has never depended too much on makeup, anyone who has experienced this unpleasant condition, he knows how hard it is to let him go. If you’ve been wearing makeup since your early teens and would you like to change it try gradually give up from subsequent products (or replace some with lighter formulas), instead of changing the phase overnight full glam on bar face. For example, if you have always used eyeliner and mascara in your daily routine, ditch eyeliner first and try get used to this new version. Instead of ditching any coverage products, replace your foundation with a tinted cream or see if by any chance just the concealer is not enough for you placed in strategic places. Gradually reduce the amount of cosmetics.

Pretty without makeup – skincare is a must now

Resigning from many color cosmetics at once can fantastic effect on the condition of your skin, especially if you often “forgot” about thorough makeup removal in the evening (it’s best to do it in two stages: e.g. with micellar water or oil, and only then face gel or foam). If you take care of her proper care: protection against UV rays, hydration and occasional exfoliation – your face will pay you back with a radiant look without an ounce of foundation. The key is here consequence: remember that in order to get real results with most skin care cosmetics, you need to use them for at least a month. If you like what you’ve come up with, you can totally stop wanting to wear makeup!

How to look pretty without makeup – take care of your body

The thing is, even the best concealer may not be able to help you with bags under your eyes if… you are chronically neglecting your sleep hygiene. Dark circles under the eyes, gray, sallow complexion, bursting blood vessels, dry (or even oily) skin or, for example, hormonal acne may be symptoms of problems inside the body. Before you buy a supplement whose manufacturer will promise you a miraculous transformation in a few days (which is not realistic), go for the usual blood tests, then consult your doctor.

Pretty without makeup – think about who you’re comparing yourself to

Many women who feel insecure and ugly without makeup are convinced that others look much better than them. Meanwhile they compare what they see in the mirror with retouched photos of influencers, who claim that this is what they look like “just out of bed”. Remember that we all actually have pores in our skin (and that’s a good thing), wrinkles, redness and the occasional pimple. It’s nothing to be ashamed of!

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