How to clean the shower screen: products to remove limescale

Cleaning the bathroom is probably one of the least fond of household chores. But if there’s one thing most mortals truly resist, it’s shower or bath screen. Although removing the limescale and making it shiny without too much effort does not seem like an easy task, the truth is that just use the right products and do it frequently to achieve it.

The remains of lime and soap usually accumulate as residue in the screen In addition, it is inevitable that bacteria and mold appear in humid environments. And this not only does not give a good image, but also can be harmful to health. That is why it is so important to follow a proper treatment and clean the shower frequently.

Thus, it is convenient to know a few Tricks to clean the shower screen and make it look like new without needing to spend a lot of time.

Steps to clean the shower screen

One of the issues to which more attention must be paid is the material with which the screen is made since, depending on if it is made of plastic or glass, a certain product will be used.

The first thing to do is remove water drops and soap residue with a spatula that may have remained after the shower: this will be done with longitudinal movements from top to bottom. While it is being done, it is essential leave the window and door wide open so that the bathroom is ventilated and moisture does not concentrate.

The next step is mix baking soda and white vinegar with a little water. This is applied with a soft sponge, especially in the most difficult stains that the spatula has not been able to remove. Next, is dried with several microfiber cloths that must have been moistened previously to finish with the possible remains that may have remained.

Let’s not forget the joints with the floor and the corners, where a lot of dirt tends to accumulate during the shower. This area can be cleaned with a brush with an ergonomic handle and hard but flexible bristles.

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With what products can you remove limescale?

Although it is possible to clean the shower screen with industrial products, you can also resort to other natural ones that are common to find at home or in any supermarket. Thus, depending on the level of dirt, there are several methods that are very effective:

  • White vinegar. It is a multipurpose that is ideal for cleaning and disinfecting. mixes with a cup of hot water, a splash of liquid detergent and the juice of a lemon. This is sprayed on the screen -on the inside and outside-, left to rest between two and five minutes, and a microfiber cloth is used to rinse. To leave it brighter, it is sprayed again and rinsed.
  • Ammonia. Allows deep cleaning of accumulated dirt and, above all, limescale, soap scum and mold. 20 ml of ammonia is poured into a sprayer, with a liter of warm water. Before applying it to the entire surface, the space must be ventilated. The product is allowed to act for a couple of minutes, and rubbed and rinsed with a cloth moistened with water.
  • Sodium bicarbonate. It is one of the star products. In a container or sprayer, gather two tablespoons of baking soda with a cup of white vinegar, and is applied to the glass of the partition. After leaving it to act for between five and ten minutes, wipe with a cloth or rag moistened with water.
  • Alcohol. If the screen is made of plastic, this is the best option. A cloth is moistened and passed, always from top to bottom. To finish, a cloth is moistened in water and passed over again.
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