A two-day-old baby was stolen this Saturday at the Paroissien hospital in the Buenos Aires town of Isidro Casanova and after seven hours, she was located in a nearby church. Apparently, she was left there by a young man who was arrested, after which two other women linked to the boy were arrested as part of the investigation, police and judicial sources reported.

The spokespersons confirmed that a 33-year-old woman and her 18-year-old daughter were arrested on charges of abducting the baby and will be investigated by the prosecutor in the case. The girl had disappeared at 6 am from a room in the maternity sector of the Hospital Interzonal Paroissien in the district of La Matanza.

The baby’s uncle told the press that “the information they gave me is that my sister breastfed her and then they both fell asleep. When she woke up, the baby was gone.” The man added that she “luckily, she is safe and sound” and that her “sister (for Yésica, the girl’s aunt) just got out of the car and got back in with the baby.” “We reached to give him a hug. My niece is already with her mom,” she concluded.

After 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, the 48-hour-old girl appeared at the door of the San José de Isidro Casanova parish. She was missing for more than seven hours. After an anonymous phone call and a photo, police officers arrived at the church and found the girl together with a 21-year-old man, who was apprehended.

Hours later, in the jurisdiction of the Altos de Laferrere police station, two women identified by the Justice as Georgina Ayelén Rodríguez (33) and her daughter Milagros Ailén Rodríguez were apprehended. Both are accused of having stolen the baby and will be investigated by the prosecutor Gastón Bianchi, in charge of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 3 of the Judicial Department of La Matanza.

According to the investigators, one of them, at 1:30 in the morning on Saturday, asked to enter a room at the Paroissien hospital but was denied access. The other woman appeared at dawn and was also bounced, but one of them was successful on the third attempt and had left the health center with a backpack where the baby would be. She went to meet the other woman to head towards National Route 3, according to what the investigators were able to reconstruct based on the records of the health center’s security cameras.

María Elena, the grandmother of the wanted girl, told the press that they managed to find the baby because her daughter Yésica “had put the girl’s photo on the networks.” “After a while a man called her who told her he knew where the baby was, he gave her the address and my daughter and her boyfriend went looking for her, but they didn’t find her there; they left her abandoned in a church,” she said.

The woman explained that the girl “had changed her clothes, they put her in male clothes, they bought her a bottle and diapers, they gave her milk bought in a supermarket; she had a light blue blanket and her clothes were in a bag.” Regarding the detainee, he said that “apparently he is the husband of the woman (who had stolen the girl) and when she appeared at the house with the baby, he took her out and said ‘what did you do, what did you do’; and then the they would have taken the parish because the news was all over the media.

María Elena criticized the hospital guards for not having controlled the access of the women who participated in the robbery. “From what they showed me on the cameras, a woman gives the baby to the other, how could it be that they left so simply? That’s what I told the hospital,” she added.

Jorge, the girl’s uncle, asked that they “pay for what they did”, while a friend of the mother’s expressed: “We are happy that she has appeared because sometimes they do not appear.” “It was not randomly because they asked for my sister’s name,” the man said. And he also recounted that “he went directly to that room and to my sister’s bed that was in the background.” “There were more babies but they went there on time,” he added.

This fact, classified as “child abduction” is being investigated by the Functional Unit of Instruction and Trial (UFIJ) No. 3 of La Matanza, in charge of Gastón Bianchi.

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