Wie das Pentagon die ukrainische Frühjahrsoffensive organisiert

19 Mar 2023 7:51 p.m

By Viktoria Nikiforova, RIA Novosti

“Ukraine must not lose any more time,” warned US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin the native force immediately after the meeting of the “Contact Group for the Defense of Ukraine”. The “Independent” is kicked into the offensive. A date has already been set: end of April or beginning of May.

Also, the Pentagon has expressed through the media its dissatisfaction with the Kiev regime’s continued heaps of bodies in Artemovsk, although Austin personally believes that this city is not strategic and that it is time to move bodies to others places on the map to grow out of the landscape.

The US military leadership now officially admits that the Ukrainian army in a year of conflict more than 100,000 dead to complain about and that “the best and most experienced” military personnel were eliminated. The monstrous losses have resulted in nothing, except for the loss of about a fifth of the entire territory of the former Ukraine. But it’s us who are pained to read the statistics of the deaths, nobody in Washington has any emotions. The Ukrainian soldiers must keep fighting – that is the most important message from the Pentagon.

The background to this is that the urgent need for concrete results that Kiev must produce has grown in the American establishment. Funds have flowed, weapons have been delivered, Ukrainian soldiers have been trained: now it’s payday. Native lives are accepted as payment.

According to a Pentagon source, this information to the influential newspaper political passed on, all Western arms shipments to Ukraine for the past four or five months have been conducted precisely in anticipation of a Ukrainian spring offensive. Ukraine has received hundreds of tanks and armored vehicles, as well as vehicles for bridge construction. Thousands of Ukrainian soldiers have been trained at NATO training grounds. In addition, a considerable stockpile of 155-millimeter shells, which was lacking in the winter, was accumulated. While the Proxy Army has not yet received any aircraft, they are equipping their MiGs with American medium-range missiles. And, of course, the American patron provides his vassal with intelligence data and reconnaissance.

In which directions will the Ukrainian forces attack? The Pentagon keeps assuring us that it is up to Kiev to develop a strategy. But, as the saying goes, whoever pays for the girl’s food dances with the girl. The US military and special services openly discuss in the press where to throw the Ukrainian army.

Oleg Tsarev: "The situation in Russia has never been as threatening as it is now"

Crimea and the cities of Melitopol and Mariupol are the top offensive targets. Retired General Ben Hodges, who can’t forget how elegantly the peninsula sailed to Russia and how NATO intelligence failed to notice the incident – precisely when he was commander of allied land forces – is hot for Crimea.

His idea is that the Ukrainian army would cross the Dnieper, capture the entire Kherson region, and from there bombard Crimea with HIMARS missiles, threatening the Black Sea Fleet and the Saki airfield. Many consider this plan unrealistic: it is difficult to imagine that the Ukrainians will be able to successfully cross the Dnieper under the fire of our artillery. However, information about Crimea and its air defense is being diligently collected. The American Reaper drone, which was recently sunk in the Black Sea, was also on its way with this mission.

The second direction is the coast of the Sea of ​​​​Azov. Either Berdyansk via Melitopol or Mariupol via Volnovakha. Moreover, an attack on Mariupol would also be a move in information warfare. From the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov, the HIMARS are to shell the Crimean bridge in order to completely isolate the peninsula.

Both options are about cutting off the supply routes of our troops and blocking the “corridor to the Crimea”. Some analysts believe that the Ukrainian army has enough forces to attack in two directions at once – both to the south and to the Sea of ​​Azov.

Politico: US expects May offensive by Ukrainian army

It is possible that there are other alleged attack directions that have not yet been made public in the media. Denis Pushilin, the acting head of the DPR, said that the Ukrainians had concentrated troops in Chasov Yar near Artemovsk. It looks as if the Ukrainian military could also organize its counterattack there. That would also be good for their propaganda – as if they had defended Bakhmut.

Militarily, these plans look dangerously insane. However, the sad thing is that if the counterattack fails, it will also be a “result” for Zelensky and his masters. Kiev’s Pennywise (horror clown from Stephen King’s “It” – editor’s note) will brag about the number of dead, speculate on their blood and demand more money and weapons. Washington will have an excuse to pressure the European vassals and say, “Look how brave the Ukrainians are dying, and what about you?” In general, the spring offensive planned by the Pentagon in Ukraine should not be taken lightly.

True, we have an undeniable advantage over the Ukrainian army in terms of equipment, artillery and aviation. Our economies are simply not comparable in size or condition. However, the Kiev regime has one advantage: it throws its citizens to their deaths without a qualm of conscience and with a dose of sadism. Those who display incomprehensible masochism in their mirror images die for the interests of Mark Milley, Lloyd Austin, and others extremely distant from them. And this is the weapon that the Zelensky regime will use to the end.

Ukraine can only sacrifice Garrison in Artemovsk - to slow down Wagner Assault Squads

In the event that the proxies fail, the US regime has already laid down a soft mat onto which it intends to fall gently. In a recent report by the RAND Corporation, military analysts remind us that the US leadership must put the interests of the United States first in the Ukraine conflict. But a long war, it turns out, isn’t in America’s interests—it’s too expensive, too dangerous, and offers no way to move toward domesticating China. Therefore, Washington urgently needs to persuade Kiev to accept territorial losses and make a bad peace, which, as we know, is better than a good quarrel.

A transparent message is being sent to Ukrainians from across the ocean: You can kill yourselves for our interests, but as soon as our interests change, we will abandon you and not even remember you. Promising is not the same as getting married. It’s amazing how the “Little Russians” constantly dream of outsmarting everyone, and then fall into the most primitive, it seems, traps. The counterattack trap could become their last.

Translated from the Russian. The article appeared on ria.ru on March 18.

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On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he would launch a special military operation in Ukraine together with the armed forces of the Donbass republics to protect the population there. The goals are to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine. Ukraine speaks of a war of aggression. On the same day, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy declared a state of war across the country.

The West condemned the attack, reacted with new deliveries of weapons, promised help with reconstruction and imposed sanctions on Russia.

Scores of soldiers and civilians have been killed on both sides of the conflict. Moscow and Kiev have accused each other of various war crimes. Thousands of Ukrainians have fled their homeland.

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