Gymnastics turned it around and beat Estudiantes in the classic

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Thick salt in the visiting substitute bench, from Estudiantes, in the Bosque stadium against Gimnasia


After almost 15 minutes of delay, the game had the long-awaited start and the two teams came out wanting and intending to fight for the ball in every meter of the playing field and impose their conditions. The first minutes were dirty.

At 4 minutes, Leonardo Godoy took the ball to make a winger from the right. With a quick and long delivery, the full-back enabled Pablo Piatti, who appeared only in attack, dominated without problems and touched the ball to the center, for the arrival of Mauro Boselli, who lowered it and accommodated the shot before the departure of Tomás Durso to put the visit to the advantage in the Forest.

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Mauro Boselli’s goal in Estudiantes in the La Plata classic against Gimnasia


The Albirrojo goal woke up the Albiazul team, who took charge of the ball and the actions and forced his rival to play mostly in his field, seeking to arrive with many players to find the tie.

The game leaned for several minutes in favor of the locals, who had control of the game, but lacked clarity to reach the goal defended by Mariano Andújar. With dynamic and fast Benjamín Domínguez, Lobo took advantage of the left sector to attack, and the good footing of Ignacio Miramón.

Averaging 30 minutes, Gimnasia had two very clear situations to tie the game. First on the head of Zaid Romero, the Estudiantes defender got complicated in the clearance and forced Mariano Andújar to go back and hit the ball. Felipe Sánchez arrived from the corner, alone, for the header and goalkeeper Pincha slapped his hand into the upper left corner.

Chirola Romero.mp4

Chirola Romero’s kick that earned him the expulsion in the La Plata classic between Gimnasia and Estudiantes


At the beginning of the second half, the game returned to Estudiantes, but Eduardo Domínguez’s team was not clear, it was imprisoned by its slowness in offense and only came through stopped balls or long deliveries.

At 9 minutes, after Alan Lescano put up with it, paused and assisted him, Franco Soldano appeared on the right, controlled and finished off at the near post for a great intervention by Mariano Andújar.

But after two great interventions by the visiting goalkeeper, Lobo found the spaces and clarity to reach equality. Maximiliano Comba set up the play on the left and took the cross past, for the arrival of Alan Lescano alone, who won from above, accommodated the header and scored the tie.

Alan Lescano.mp4

Alan Lescano gave Gymnastics a draw against Estudiantes in the La Plata classic


Estudiantes suffered a lot, in the complement. Only after averaging 30 minutes did he again have some offensive situation. With the changes made by Eduardo Domínguez, he physically balanced the game. With a shot at the near post, Leonardo Godoy sought to surprise, but Tomás Durso responded.

Gymnastics bet on grit and desire and with those tools it was more than Estudiantes, and at the end of the game they had a prize. At minute 38, Luciano Lollo brought Eric Ramírez down and Facundo Tello took a penalty. Cristian Tarragona changed the shot for a goal, with a great shot in the upper right corner, and made it 2-1 to make Bosque delirious.

Penalty to Gymnastics.mp4

Luciano Lollo’s penalty against Eric Ramírez in Estudiantes against Gimnasia




gymnastics (2)

Thomas Durso; Bautista Barros Schelotto, Leonardo Morales, Felipe Sánchez and Matías Melluso; Maximiliano Comba, Ignacio Miramón, Alan Lescano and Benjamín Domínguez; Cristian Tarragona and Franco Soldano. DT: Sebastian Romero.

Students (1)

Mariano Andujar; Leonardo Godoy, Luciano Lollo, Jorge Rodríguez, Zaid Romero and Emmanuel Mas; Santiago Ascacibar and José Sosa; Benjamin Rollheiser, Mauro Boselli and Pablo Piatti. DT: Eduardo Dominguez.

goals: PT: 4´ Mauro Boselli (Students). ST: 10´ Alan Lescano (Gymnastics), 40´ Cristian Tarragona (Gymnastics)

Admonished: PT: 22´ Santiago Ascacibar (Students). ST: 8´ Felipe Sánchez (Gymnastics), 12´ Benjamín Rollheiser (Students), 15´ Ignacio Miramón (Gymnastics), 19´ Franco Soldano (Gymnastics), 32´ Matías Godoy (Students), 39´ Eric Ramírez (Gymnastics)

Changes: ST: 13´ Fernando Zuqui and Guido Carrillo x José Sosa and Mauro Boselli (Gymnastics), 20´ Matías Godoy and Deian Verón x Pablo Piatti and Benjamín Rollheiser (Students), 21´ Alan Sosa and Tomás Muro x Alan Lescano and Maximiliano Comba (Gymnastics), 26´ Eric Ramírez x Benjamín Domínguez (Gymnastics), 30´ Mauro Méndez x Santiago Ascacibar (Students) and 46´ Antonio Napolitano x Cristian Tarragona (Gymnastics)

Referee: Facundo Tello.

Stadium: Juan Carmelo Zerillo (Forest).

Gymnastics and Live Students

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