Deutsche Medien sind auf den Goebbels gekommen

19 Mar 2023 10:59 am

Looking at the German media, one can come to the conclusion: Goebbels is back. As much as the local mainstream spreads the slogan: war makes sense. The German state radio is a pioneer in this. A current example shows how even children are abused for this.

By Uli Gellermann

The German media have come to the Goebbels: It inspires dpa-Photo by the media room. A photogenic boy in Ukrainian military uniform holds a mock rifle. The picture is captioned: “A seven-year-old Ukrainian boy stands near the city of Chernihiv in the midst of destroyed Russian military vehicles.” Does the Reich Press Agency want to tell us about the last contingent? Or how brutal the Russian is when he’s fighting seven-year-olds too? The Agency Reuters delights the German audience with a photo of an adorable couple, with the caption: “Despite the war, people in Ukraine do not lose their faith in themselves. The Ukrainian soldier Volodymyr proposes to his girlfriend Viktoria on the platform in Kramatorsk.” War can be so idyllic! And the Ukrainians are just crazy human! Very different from the Russians!

Rheinmetall share increases by 60 percent

A photo from the Rheinmetall casino is missing: from the moment when the shareholders bathe in champagne. The Ukraine war was only a week old when the shares of the German arms manufacturer Rheinmetall had already risen by 60 percent. From there it went further up, a year later the plus is 157 percent. Industry colleague Hensoldt (formerly Airbus Defense and Space for sensor technology) also saw a similar increase of 138 percent. The two German manufacturers benefit from the 100 billion euro special fund with which the federal government intends to reorganize the Bundeswehr in the coming years.

Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank crashed

But not all shareholders are doing as well as the armaments manufacturers: Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank both fell from more than twelve euros to the psychological mark of ten euros. The course of Credit Suisse, one of the largest global financial services companies with a balance sheet total of 531.4 billion Swiss francs, had fallen by up to 31 percent at times. War has winners, but also losers. After all, it is ultimately won on the battlefield – not on the stock exchange. Anyone who speculates that the Russians will lose the war knows neither the history nor the big country. They know that if you lose Ukraine, you’re done as a country, as a nation. While the West likes to fight to the last Ukrainian, the Russians are fighting for their survival. They have never lost this fight, this fight mobilizes completely different resources than those available to the West.

prolong war

As much as the Russian commodities move the greedy imagination of stockbrokers, the Russians will not give up their soil; they have no reason to commit suicide. Anyone in the West who doesn’t let greed cloud their heads knows that they’re not counting on victory in Ukraine. And yet the West behaves like a desperate gambler, putting all his eggs in one basket. This is the only way to explain why Poland is now acting as a hand puppet for the USA and is delivering four MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine. More are to follow. It is well known in the West that the MiG-29 will not decide a war. Even Chancellor Scholz’s announcement of further German arms deliveries to the Ukraine cannot bring about a decision on the war. But they add a few hundred or thousands of deaths to it.

Carrot for conformists, stick for dissenters: how politicians educate their journalists

Golden Escape

Anyone who wants to flee the war and the insecure financial system flees to gold: the central banks are buying the metal frantically – the price of gold has risen by almost ten percent since the beginning of November. This flight movement also shows that the West has lost the war. At the same time he pushes him further. This must be stopped. At the moment there are only a few forces in Germany who want to go down the path of peace. Despite all the ideological contortions, the last initiative by Sarah Wagenknecht and Alice Schwarzer showed that the peace movement exists. The little plant wants to be cared for.

ARD as a government agent

It is the media that is trampling on the tender plant of peace. This is especially true for the ARD and the MDR, who illegally interrogate the first signers of the “Manifesto for Peace” in an attempt to ‘turn’ the signatories, as the agents say. In fact, the public broadcasters are acting as agents of a government that is feeding the war in Ukraine with guns in the interests of the United States in order to prolong dying.

First published on the Rationalgalerie media platform on March 17, 2023.

Uli Gellerman is a filmmaker and journalist. His media criticism is based on his experiences with public broadcasters. He is the publisher of the website RATIONAL GALLERY.

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