Felt Easter decorations: Beautiful felt ideas for Easter

Easter decoration made of felt
Beautiful ideas made of felt for Easter

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We can easily make felt Easter decorations ourselves and use them as table decorations or as gifts. All ideas and instructions can be found here.

Eggs with felt

Not only painting Easter eggs is fun, but also other Easter crafts. It doesn’t matter whether they are blown out (blow out the eggs) or hard-boiled: this is how the Easter eggs on the breakfast table are eye-catchers!

Felt Easter decorations: Beautiful felt ideas for Easter

© Thordis Karlotta Rüggeberg

What you need:

How to do it: Cut two strips of felt 2 cm wide and 30 cm long for each egg. Lay the strips lengthways around the egg and tie them together at the top with a satin ribbon. Tip: If you decorate brown and white eggs with dark felt, it gets really classy!

Easter candle with grass wreath

Quickly conjure up a small meadow on the table!

Felt Easter decorations: Beautiful felt ideas for Easter

© Thordis Karlotta Rüggeberg

What you need:

craft felt, satin ribbon, pillar candles.

How to do it: Cut a strip of felt about 4cm wide, long enough to wrap around the candle once. Then cut one side with scissors into irregular jags. Tie around the candle with a narrow satin ribbon. Can be easily removed when the candle has burned down.

Tip: Grass doesn’t always have to be green – maybe a bright pink would go much better with your dishes!

Small gift bag “Carrot”

This carrot does not contain any vitamins, but small sweet surprises!

Felt Easter decorations: Beautiful felt ideas for Easter

© Thordis Karlotta Rüggeberg

What you need: Craft felt green and orange, green satin ribbon, beige thread, sewing thread Needle.

Felt Easter decorations: Beautiful felt ideas for Easter

© Thordis Karlotta Rüggeberg

How to do it: Cut out a “piece of cake” from orange felt, the long sides are approx. 18 cm and the short side is approx. 16 cm. The short side is rounded off – here a large plate helps as a template! For the “carrot green” you need a felt strip of about 9 x 16 cm. Here, too, use the plate to cut out a curve that can be attached to the orange. Now use the beige thread to “weave” the orange felt across with large, loose stitches. Sew the green semicircle to the orange. Fold the carrots sideways and sew inside out. Turn inside out, fill with small candies. Tie the greenery together with the satin ribbon, then cut into strips.

All ideas from photographer and stylist Thordis-Karlotta Rüggeberg.

Pinterest inspiration: Easter decorations made of felt

felt eggs

Felted eggs for Easter are suitable for hanging on the Easter tree or as gifts. For this colorful felt wool around styrofoam eggs and prick with a felting needle so that the wool holds. For pretty patterns, simply use felting wool in a different color and attach it again with a felting needle.

Sweet bunnies in the flower pot

In a plant pot we can easily let a rabbit’s butt peek out. styrofoam eggs (8 x 6 cm) with brown felt wool (the wet felting method is suitable for this). Cut out the little feet from felt and use a hot glue gun or attach craft glue to the styrofoam. Glue some cotton to the buttocks for the bunny’s fluffy tail.

Felt Easter eggs to hang up

Easter decorations are not only good for the table and door (making an Easter wreath), but also for a pretty Easter bouquet.

Make your own egg cosies for Easter

The egg plays the main role at Easter and that is why we also need Easter egg cosies. In addition to sewing, knitting, crocheting and handicrafts are also a popular DIY trend. You can find great ideas for egg cosies here: Sewing egg cosies.

Felt roses for the Easter wreath

Our table decorations for Easter don’t always have to be full of rabbits and chicks. Pretty DIY flowers also bring the spring mood into the Easter basket.

Make Easter baskets out of felt yourself

Whether for chocolate bunnies, Easter eggs or pretty decorations – we can also easily make an Easter basket felt and do it yourself without glue. To do this, select a round piece of felt, cut the edges and fold them up – creating two rows (see photo). Simply poke holes in the outer felt parts with an embroidery needle and pull a thread through to hold the basket.

You can find more ideas for Easter crafts and your Easter decorations on our Pinterest board.

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Text and images: Thordis Karlotta Rüggeberg

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