Death of Jean-Pierre Pernaut: accused of having been a vulture by Lou Pernaut, Laurent Fontaine counterattacks

Present on the set of the program TPMP People Saturday March 18, 2023 on C8, Laurent Fontaine responded to the attacks of Lou Pernaut, the daughter of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, who accused him of having been a vulture to the death of his father.

Former emblematic presenter of the 1 p.m. news on TF1 for 32 long years, the journalist Jean-Pierre Pernaut died of lung cancer aged 71 on March 2, 2022. On the first anniversary of his death, several of his relatives recently spoke to the media. This was particularly the case of his daughter Lou Pernaut, who was on the set of the show Chez Jordan, broadcast Thursday March 16, 2023 on C8. During her interview with Jordan de Luxe, Nathalie Marquay’s daughter openly criticized the attitude of the former host of TF1, Laurent Fontaineshortly after the death of his father.

Five minutes after my dad died, he called my godmother, who is also my agent., for my mother to do an interview about my father’s death. Not even five minutes after the official declaration“, she revealed. “I did not understand… I see this gentleman who says: ‘I was a great friend of Jean-Pierre, Lou studies and works!’. Pardon ? So I’m already in interior design school. So she works the little one and on top of that, sir didn’t know my father. I had never heard of him, I didn’t know who he was. I don’t know Laurent Fontaine, I had never seen him in my life!“, also added Lou Pernaut.

Laurent Fontaine: “I have always been friends with Jean-Pierre Pernaut”

Present as every week on the set of the show TPMP People, broadcast Saturday March 18, 2023 on C8, Lawrence Fontaine was questioned by Matthieu Delormeau about Lou Pernaut’s remarksand insisted on defending themselves. “Wasn’t I a friend of his father? That she asks her mother if we haven’t gone on vacation together etc. I’ve always been Jean-Pierre’s friend, so I’m mistaken. Two, she never heard of me? Too bad, I don’t care, it is possible she is very young. Third, did I make a call to a girl called Murielle, in this case who is close to Lou, yes. I made a phone call after his father died, you know why? To know if obviously she wanted, why not, to testify in TPMP People“, did he declare.

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