Coahuilenses relegate the use of face masks after the drop in indicators due to COVID-19

Sanitary measures are few in the face of the marked slowdown in cases and deaths from coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic is not overaccording to the World Health Organization (WHO)however, In Coahuila, management has allowed that, to date, there are no restrictions due to capacity in closed places, carrying out any activity or the use of face masks, which is optional.except in hospitals, due to sanitary provisions.

On March 11, 2020, given the number of Covid cases worldwide, the WHO declared the pandemic, in that same month and year, in Coahuila, in the municipality of Monclova, the first outbreak of infections of the disease occurred. , presenting 207 cases and 38 deaths in just one month.

Given the emergency represented by the pandemic, The State Government issued a decree to establish the mandatory use of face masks on April 22, 2020, with which there began to be control over infections.

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After managing the pandemic through a State Plan and the creation of a State Committee and one more for each of the five regions, control of the pandemic was maintained; Until this Saturday, almost three years after the implementation of the use of face masks, 9,036 people have died in Coahuila, while the report of infections includes 190,135 people.

$! Only in hospitals and medical centers is the use of face masks mandatory.

Only in hospitals and medical centers is the use of face masks mandatory.

According to the State Health Secretariat, there are currently no restrictions or capacity for outdoor and closed places, and the use of face masks is optional, both in open and closed places, whatever their turn.

In the same way, in schools in the public and private sectors, the use of face masks is optional and the determinations are made by each campus based on particular conditions.

Only in the health sector, in hospitals, health centers and medical units, the use of face masks is recommended and although there is no obligation, all clinics maintain this provision for patients, relatives of patients, and medical and administrative personnel.

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“The activity is carried out normally, periodically reviewing the indicators of the number of cases, hospitalized, mortality rate and positivity,” the Ministry of Health said.

On September 20, 2022, almost six months ago, the State Government published the decree by which the provision (since April 22, 2020) of the mandatory use of face masks is repealed. as a preventive measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

$!Coahuilenses have learned to live with this virus, which has lost its lethality with the advance in vaccination.

Coahuilenses have learned to live with this virus, which has lost lethality with the advance in vaccination.

However, on the same date, it establishes as measures that the use of face masks is not mandatory, but optional, and the use of the mask is recommended for people with respiratory infection and in recovery, patients with immunosuppressive treatment and their families, people older than 70 years old who go to closed or poorly ventilated places, for people who do not have a complete vaccination schedule against Covid, and for all health workers in patient care and nursing homes.

The same way, The latest provisions published by the state administration on the management of the pandemic indicate that the use of face masks in schools is recommended until all students do not have the complete vaccination schedule against the virus..


Three years after the pandemic, these are the rules that remain:

>Face covers: Mandatory in hospitals and health centers, optional in open or closed places.

>Capacity: There is no restriction.

>Schools: Face masks are recommended until the vaccination scheme is completed.

>Older adults: For people over 70 years of age, the use of face masks is recommended in places with poor ventilation.

>Events: there are no restrictions.

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