Coahuila is located in the top of happiness and best state of mind in Mexico

The concept of the “happiness” is latent in all societies in the world, and in an entity with a high suicide rate such as Coahuilait never ceases to be pertinent to talk about the subject.

2013 was the first year the world celebrated the International Day of Happiness, decreed by the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization with the objective of recognizing its relevance in people and the importance of well-being in the permanent public policies of the States.

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According to a survey conducted by the The financialUntil February 2022, only 46 percent of Mexicans said they felt “very happy”.

$! Until February 2022, only 46 percent of Mexicans said they felt

Until February 2022, only 46 percent of Mexicans said they felt “very happy”

But what is the happiness?

Endocrinologists and neuroscientists define happiness as a romantic biological process, and throughout their study they have found that four brain neurotransmitters such as dopamine, endorphin, oxytocin and serotonin, They are the ones that make the human being feel good.. But there are social factors that can promote the segregation of all these substances.

The people of Coahuila say they are better off in the family than in the love life and in the social or friendship life.”

Berenice de la Peña, director of the Faculty of Psychology at the Autonomous University of Coahuila, says that happiness must be distinguished from two ways: one in a very hedonistic way that is pleasure above displeasureand happiness that involves various aspects including external ones with which the person generates an ideal of happiness how is culture and access to certain things.

He National Institute of Geography and Statistics shared a survey whose last publication was the results of 2021, where he indicated that Coahuila is one of the entities that self-qualified with the best state of mind.

In the entity, the mental balance was centered with 5.33 percent on a table of 10 at most, and on Coahuila there are only entities such as Nayarit, Quintana Roo, Sonora and Colimawhose balance rests on 5.51, 5.54, 5.72 and 5.76 respectively.

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In this balance it is compared that a person agrees Better mood what a bad mood; that a person be more calm how worried; that she feels energy and not tired, and that is excited and not sad or depressed.

Yes, there are external factors that influence a person’s happiness to increase or decrease. But a lot of happiness is related to what tools a person has to cope with disappointments ”

All these emotions, as indicated by the INEGI, may also depend on a series of factors surrounding the person that can make them more happy or that they end up reporting it as part of their life satisfaction. In this panorama of satisfaction, Coahuila is in the third place where people rated overall with 8.8 out of 10, and only below entities such as Nuevo Leon and Colima with the same rating, their satisfaction with life.

Yes, there are external factors that influence a person’s happiness to increase or decrease. But much of happiness is related to what tools a person has to cope with disappointments, and here come elements such as resilience; that a person has networks and other types of factors for a person to get out of a complicated situation“, said.

“If your business goes bankrupt, of course there will be a situation of unhappiness, but it depends on the protective factors that the person has, it will be easier or not to reach a state of happiness again.“, says Berenice de la Pena.

One of the aspects that are observed as part of these tools that help the happiness of people and who are qualified with satisfaction according to the well-being in Coahuilais family life, which in this entity is qualified positively at 9.2 out of 10, and that’s .1 higher than the nation’s rank.

“This is still the first support network. In cities like Saltillo that can be more conservative, the family plays a fundamental role in order to continue and get ahead. When you have strong ties and the support of family, it is easier for people to get by or without any support.“, said.

Even in terms of well-being, people from Coahuila say they are better in the family than in love life and in social or friendship lifelast two aspects that qualify in their current life with 8.4 and 8.5 out of 10.

The things that can harm the well-being and therefore the happiness of people in Coahuila and that they are evaluated worse in the ENBIARE, are Citizen Security and Municipal Public Services, Aspects that qualify with 7.4 and 7.5 and are with which Coahuilenses feel a lower level of well-being.

In the same survey, the INEGI mentions that although there are positive indices in the entity, depression and anxiety do not cease to be present.

In the landscape of anxiety, the ENBIARE says that in Coahuila at least 49.5 percent of the population has felt some type of anxiety symptom, and in terms of depression, it is so in 14.8 percent. In both cases, Coahuila is among the 15 states with the lowest rates.

$!Coahuila is one of the self-qualified entities with the best state of mind.

Coahuila is one of the entities that self-qualified with the best state of mind.

In this day, Berenice de la Peña asserts that it is a pertinent issue to tell people that not all people should be happy in all ways and that it is not necessary to be happy until all goals are achieved or until the same purposes that other people have are reached.

“We must see crises and mistakes as part of the human experience. Happiness is not static, it is not compared to that of other people. If we work on this we will have hope of life ”, said.

Regarding life expectancy, he said that it is hope itself that causes a person generates a life project, and that it serves as a tool that keeps her from committing acts such as suicide.

“It is not only to prevent suicide, but to promote hope. Although there are specific cases, there are people who do not reach such critical cases and with whom you can work to restore hope.”, expresses Berenice de la Pena.

For those people whose happiness has faded and are seeking care, the director of Psychology recalled that the state and federal Life Lines are available (800 911 2000), the Semicolon Line.

“People must remember that they are not alone and that happiness is built. It is not an objective when we arrive, but in reality it is found throughout the development of our person “he explained.

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