buy me a brishito

–It’s Madonna Don Hugo, don’t bother me, the girl is Madonna! Or is he going to tell me that he didn’t see her?

–I don’t know what Osvaldo is talking about, I better clarify because the heat makes me even slower.

– What am I talking about? Aren’t you the one who is always on top of everything? If I tell you that it’s Madonna and Shakira together, or even better than them, don’t you even notice?

–Now yes, I already fell. And since when are you a fan of Lali Esposito? I didn’t know that Pop vein. Or he’s excited to enter the “Chape tour” as a grown up.

– I kept the issue of age because the one who loses is you. If some afternoon Lali falls to have a beer by this barsucho, this young man plates her without a stage. What does that Maratea have that I don’t?

–Well Osvaldo, calm down, that show was a couple of weeks ago. How do you want me to remember?

-It’s just that I don’t forget it anymore. Look, I’m going to tell you the truth. I only had Lali by name, but Beto, my son, and Luciana, his girlfriend, are fans of her, and since they couldn’t get tickets to go to Vélez, they came home to watch it on TV with Olga, my wife. , and this server.

We didn’t have any expectations, but when the kids come home it’s a party. With the heat and the prices of meat, we did not roast, but we prepared a giant picada, some Ferné with Coca and this waiter played with Vitel Toné. A recipe inherited from my grandmother and that I am not going to reveal to you, but that does not stop at the anchovy, the tuna and the capers, that any gil knows that. Mine has a couple of ingredients that are a professional secret, and that I already left in writing to Beto for when I’m not on this world.

–Don’t get dramatic Osvaldo, bring me a cold coffee and keep telling me.

–Cold coffee? But are you carrying me? Last time it came out with that weird lemonade, and now it comes with cold coffee! Did you also learn that in Qatar? Stop fucking around man, if you want cold coffee go to Starbucks. The only cold thing here is soft drinks, and that’s as long as Edesur doesn’t feel like cutting off our power, as it has been doing often, because if that’s the case, to have something cold you’ll have to go to the bar Marambio Base. I’d better bring you the usual cut and I’ll keep telling you.

The kids came home on Saturday with the matter of seeing Lali on the 65-inch TV that they gave me for the World Cup, but when I asked them which channel they were showing it on, I found out that it was on a “platform”.

“Let’s ring,” I told them, I don’t have any of that, but Beto patted me: “Calm down, there’s a solution for everything.” And he looked for an application on the cell phone. I thought: “What a guy, we’re going to have to see it on that shitty little screen.” Beto saw my face and continued explaining to me.

“Look what I do now: there is a function called Mirror”, and right there he pressed a button and the cell phone screen appeared on TV. With Olga we almost fell on our backs, just when the girl appeared dancing at full speed on the Vélez stage. She turned up the volume and even the villains in the patio danced. By the fourth song we had already forgotten Vitel Toné, picada and anything else that wasn’t watching that show hypnotized. The kids shouted that it was Madonna, and Olga and I thought of Cher, Shakira and even Rafaela Carrà. Lali is not the only one, the petisa is a mixture of all but with her own stamp. And she is from here, from Parque Patricios she is, very Argentinian, if she even closed with a gaucho dance. About 30 dancers who stomped their feet and juggled with the ropes. They are called Malevo, they even have the name arrabalero!

Beto and Luciana, who are sailors like almost all young people, said that the two of them were going to cover Lali together, while they sang a song with her that Olga and I did not understand, but the chorus repeated: “buy me a brishito/ buy me a brishito And Beto said that Lali was his allowance. Do you know what allowed means?

–Yes, Osvaldo, I know what it is. What is allowed in a couple is the adventure that a member can have with someone, without the other getting angry.

– Exactly Don Hugo, how can you tell that you work surrounded by young people. Beto says that Lali is allowed for both of them, but that each one also has another separately. I didn’t want to ask anymore, but they were the ones who asked.

“Osvaldo, what is your allowance”, launched Luciana. And without looking at Olga, I quickly said: Catherine Fulop!

They didn’t let me finish. He doesn’t know the kilombo that was put together. Olga saying that there are none allowed or a damn. And the furious kids saying that Catherine was anti-Chavez, a gorilla and I don’t know what other things. They take everything to politics, on the other hand I never knew what Catherine was thinking, if seeing her I even forgot my name.

When things calmed down a bit, they asked my wife what hers was. And do you know who Olga went out with?


–Very enthusiastic, she didn’t even hesitate: “The Galician Insúa!”, she said, and she looked at me defiantly.

What a turra, Olga, the Galician Insúa… just the coach from San Lorenzo who is pulling us out of the well and is the idol of all the crows. In addition to having a barbaric pint.

In the end, when Lali had already finished her tremendous show, and we ate the Vitel with a beer, we returned to the subject and we agreed.

I had to change Catherine for Moria Casán, Olga stayed with Insúa and the kids in a trio with Lali and, each on their own, Beto with Florencia Peña, Luciana with Pablito Echarri and everyone was happy. Moria is a partner, my son said, Florencia too, Echarri is a peroncho, and we forgive mom because the Gallego won’t be a great partner but he’s going to make us champions.

Wait boss, don’t go. Hey, Don Hugo, wait, take it, don’t leave me a tip, I saved the ticket and and for the next time… Buy me a brishito!

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