Antonella Fiordelisi discusses with Micol: "Unfortunately for you, I'm the protagonist of the GF VIP"

Big Brother Vip 2022/2023

New dispute in the GFVip house. In the courtyard Antonella Fiordelisi entered into a chat between Micol, Milena, Oriana and Giaele: “I know you are talking about me”, “I wasn’t talking about you, don’t feel like a protagonist”, Incorvaia’s reply to which Antonella immediately replied : “Unfortunately for you, I am.”

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Big Brother Vip 2022/2023

New clash in the house of Big Brother VIP: when Antonella Fiordelisi entered into a comparison between Micol Incorvaia, Milena Miconi And Giaele DeDonà tones have risen. The Campania influencer believed that the three women of her house were talking about her between the lines of her: “Since I’m the protagonist of the GF VIP, don’t talk about me”the words that started the squabble.

The clash between Micol Incorvaia and Antonella Fiordelisi

In the courtyard of the GF VIP Micol Incorvaia, Milena Miconi and Giaele De Donà talked about the various quarrels that often arise in the house. When Antonella Fiordelisi joined them outside for breakfast, she invited them not to talk behind her back: “No more digs, we’re at the end, we’ve been here for six months. I understand you were talking about me“, his words. The second finalist of the reality show, Micol Incorvaia, immediately spoke: “I wasn’t talking about you, don’t feel like a protagonist”. “Unfortunately for you, I am“, the reply of Antonella Fiordelisi, “Oh yeah? I didn’t notice”Micol’s words. “Maybe you’ll realize when we get out of here” Antonella then concluded. Even Milena Miconi pointed out to Fiordelisi that they weren’t talking about her, when Giaele De Donà intervened, the Campania influencer pressed: “Jael, we can talk to you, I’m listening. Micol only talks about me”. “You talk about me, that’s enough, if you haven’t had the clips, you haven’t had them” continued Antonella turning to Micol. Oriana Marzoli thus intervened in the discussion, listening in silence: “If you don’t care go there, don’t come here to provoke her”. “Even if there are 4 of you, I don’t get overwhelmed” concluded Antonella before everyone left the courtyard.

The outburst of Oriana and Tavassi against Antonella

You don’t worry and she comes to argue”: this is how Edoardo Tavassi complained about the fact that Antonella Fiordelisi always seeks discussion. “She doesn’t want to recover relations, she just wants to fight. Two weeks from the end, she’s still looking for a fight” has continued. “She provoked us for five months, then she says there’s the group. Which group is she talking about? The one who opened their arms to her when she was sick?” Oriana Marzoli blurted out speaking to Micol. The climate in the House seems to be warm again.

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