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Peppa Pig returns to star in a game in which we can be your best friend.

Peppa Pig: A World of Adventures is the new game from the animated series

Video games have room for any type of person. Far from violence, there are numerous types of proposals, including for puzzle lovers, for example, or for the smallest of the house, who can also learn and be entertained without straying from their tastes. Bandai Namco, aware of the latter, presents us Peppa Pig: A World of Adventuresa video game that expands the nice animated series born in 2004 that today accompanies millions of children around the world in their day to day.

Peppa, the charming little pig that is cheeky at the same time, returns with her little brother George, Mom and Dad Pig in an adventure very similar visually and playably to My Friend, Peppa Pig, another Bandai Namco proposal released at the end of the year 2019. However, in this new game in which we create a friend for Peppa again, we will not only play, dress up, jump in mud puddles or make more friends, but also We will know new interesting places from anywhere in the world.

+ Pros

  • The game controls are very simple for the little ones in the house.
  • The dubbing of the game is the same as that of the animated series.
  • The game is very inclusive both when it comes to creating a family and when we meet characters.
  • The audiovisual quality of the game is the same as that of the series.

– Cons

  • It repeats many elements from the previous game, My Friend, Peppa Pig.
  • It has small awkward loading times.
  • In just over an hour it can be completed 100%.

Peppa Pig: A World of Adventures: price, release date, platforms and where to buy

Peppa Pig: A World of Adventures
Platform PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC
Release date March 17, 2023
developer Petoons Studio
Gender interactive story
Language Voices and texts in Spanish

Peppa Pig: A World of Adventures is a new interactive story developed by Petoons Studio under the signature of the publisher Outright Games and published by Bandai Namco. With its release the March 17, 2023 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC It is presented as a video game that presents the largest and most extensive world of the animated series, inviting you to create a family that is part of the story. The title comes with voices and texts fully translated into Spanish with the intention of becoming one of the games for children recommended by experts.

Peppa Pig: A World of Adventures Nintendo Switch

Peppa Pig: A World of Adventures PS4

Peppa Pig: A World of Adventures PS5

On a trip with Peppa Pig and her family

As with the previous video game, Peppa Pig: A World of Adventures begins by inviting the player to create our own character with the type of clothing we want, color, head, glasses and even a hat. Likewise, after creating our own character we can create the characters that make up our familyoffering most inclusive typesso our character may have a mother and a father, two mothers, two fathers or be a single-parent family or with a large number of siblings, even the size of each character being possible.

With our character and family prepared, the game invites us to create our own home through a building that we can modify at any time by changing its walls, window and more. Once done we can go into a very intuitive adventure for new players, as you are invited to complete a guided tutorial at the beginning, while a constant narration reminds us what to do at all times. In addition, the game mechanics are easy to understand and use, always based on moving to one side and pressing the same button on the controller.

Just like My Friend Peppa Pig, A World of Adventures is clearly focused to be played by children three years and older, that is, those who enjoy the animated series of this nice little pig. In fact, the game is based on several episodes of the television series, so when Peppa and her family invite us to travel the world children will be able to see characters they have met before.

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig takes us to a Christmas market in Germany

A total of seven destinations plus some later surprises invite players to learn about different customs. Peppa’s family and our character will take us flying, driving and sailing to some of the most famous places in the world, such as NYHollywood Boulevard, the Eiffel Tower of Paris or Buckingham Palace of Londonwhere the queen herself appears who, despite having passed away, the game has wanted to pay tribute that serves for all children to remember such a now historical character.

In Barcelona, ​​for example, we explore the beautiful streets of the Catalan city, although we also visit the Sagrada Familia, where a minigame awaits us in which we must point to the geometric figure of the color that Peppa indicates to us. There is also time to visit the beach. On the other hand, in Italy, We will cook a pizza to eat with Peppa’s family, who also wants to send a postcard. This is all done by moving the character to the side and pressing a button when the screen prompts.

Very simple, perfect for little ones

Beyond going on a trip, our character, who is accompanied by Peppa Pig at all times, can also visit more well-known places in the series, such as the nurserywhere we can make friends and play with the instruments, paper and pencils or go to the basketball courts. To explore the park or the paths home more quickly, we can get on a bike in which if we keep the button pressed we will go faster. What is surprising is that anywhere we will find something to do: from playing football to having to look for something.

Peppa Pig

At home we can dress up

Despite being a very short game that can be completed in just over an hourincluding its platinum trophy for PlayStation 5 (and PS4), it should be remembered that the little ones will tour the cities more than once, where they can find souvenirs that they can later place in the house where they live with their family of little pigs.

We can also dress up in different ways and modify both the character and the family in more games, so this is a game that invites you to enhance the creativity of the little ones in the house, who If you love Peppa Pig you will love A World of Adventures thanks to a great development that transfers the series to the game to such an extent that it will make us doubt if we are watching the series or a sequence of the game.

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