"A true friend is like a brother": Putin publishes article in Chinese daily newspaper

19 Mar 2023 10:15 p.m

In the run-up to the long-awaited visit of Chinese party and head of state Xi Jinping to Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the Chinese public in an article for the Chinese newspaper “People’s Daily”. He gave high marks to Russian-Chinese bilateral relations.

In the run-up to the state visit of Chinese head of state and party leader Xi Jinping to Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote an article for the Chinese daily newspaper People’s Daily addressed to the Chinese audience. The article appeared in Russian late Sunday evening in the online edition of Rossiyskaya Gazeta appeared.

In the article, the Russian head of state looks back on the development of his cooperation with the current Chinese leader. They have met more than 40 times in various formats over the past ten years. Putin rated the quality of relations very highly:

“I know that China attaches great importance to friendship and human relations. It is no coincidence that the wise Confucius said, ‘Isn’t it a joy when a friend comes from far away!’ We in Russia also appreciate these qualities very much, for us a true friend is like a blood brother. Our peoples are very similar in that.”

The economic cooperation between the two countries is to be intensified: The target of 200 billion US dollars in annual Russian-Chinese trade volume, which was actually set for 2024, will already be reached and exceeded this year, the Russian President predicts. The proportion of trade that is settled in national currencies will also grow.

In his article, Vladimir Putin thanks the Chinese party and state leadership for what he writes as a “balanced line” with regard to events in Ukraine. We are grateful that China does not ignore the history and true causes of the events. The Chinese willingness to participate constructively in resolving the conflict is welcomed in Moscow. The Russian head of state expressly emphasizes the similarities in the views of Beijing and Moscow:

“Like our Chinese friends, we stand for strict adherence to the UN Charter and respect for international law, including humanitarian law. We are committed to the principle of the indivisibility of security, which is blatantly violated by the NATO bloc. We are deeply concerned about irresponsible and downright dangerous actions that can undermine global nuclear security. We do not accept the unlawful unilateral sanctions that must be lifted.”

Russia is ready to resolve the Ukraine crisis through diplomatic channels, writes Vladimir Putin, reminding that it was not Moscow that broke off the peace talks in April 2022. The prospects of negotiations depend solely on the willingness to engage in “serious talks” that take into account the new geopolitical realities. Unfortunately, the “ultimate demands” addressed to Russia left no grounds for optimism. They showed that the other side was not interested in finding a way out of the situation.

The drums of war against China are beating louder and louder

Putin reminds Chinese readers that the “Western-provoked and carefully fueled crisis in Ukraine” is far from the only expression of his desire to maintain the unipolar world order and domestic dominance. The next trouble spot, writes the Russian President, is in the Asia-Pacific region. Thanks to solid Russian-Chinese relations, the intention to bring about a split into blocs here too will fail.

Xi Jinping’s visit will strengthen Russian-Chinese friendship and partnership and contribute to the prosperity and prosperity of both countries, concludes Vladimir Putin’s article for the largest Chinese daily.

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