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One negative aspect that occurred with the transition from Windows 10 to Windows 11 was the issue of default appsand the additional steps users had to take to choose the preferred application or browser on their new operating system.

Although this was corrected last year with an update, but only focused on the browser issue, now Microsoft will step up and make it a little easier to change your default applications in windows eleven.

Basically they will change the way in which Windows 11 manages which applications open certain files by default and also how we will be able to select programs to pin to the start menu or the taskbar.

This would come in the form of a new deep linking scheme within the operating system’s settings that will allow developers to send users directly to the right place to change which program is the default for all types of files or links. concrete.

In addition, Microsoft is working on testing a new API that will allow Applications pin a primary or secondary tile to the taskbar.

A way to streamline a cumbersome process

Basically with this, they want to make life easier for the user, and that the configuration of Windows 11 is a little closer to what the vast majority of users experience on their Android or iOS mobile devices.

If you were one of those early adopters of Windows 11, you’ll remember that it had a complicated process for setting default programs, something that required us to go through each type of file individually, instead of just choosing the application of choice for it.

Now, if finally implemented in stable release, this new feature will allow these deep links to take users of an app to the correct part of the settings menu so that the process can be streamlined.

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