Who prepared the cocktail of heat, inflation and cuts

Planetary situation with falling stock markets, three large banks closing in the United States, one of the largest failing in Switzerland, large demonstrations against adjustment in France and a war increasingly on the brink of nuclear apocalypse. In Argentina, an indication of trends: in the face of the crisis of representation and the discredit of politics, there is an important current that instead of looking towards the leader most persecuted by the system, as Cristina Kirchnerleans towards the most promoted: javier milei. Faced with the panic of destruction, this sector embraces its executioner. Conclusion: if the world acts as this sector does in Argentina, it is facing an extinction event.

A world that feeds its crisis

The comparison of the world situation with that of the country seems farfetched. The self-destructive mechanisms have different support, but deep down they have the same cause, since as a desperate reaction the ideas that led to the crises are deepened to the maximum, as if they had nothing to do with them and were, instead, a table of salvation. More coherent would be that, in the face of disillusionment with the system, the search was directed towards whom the system attacks as its main enemy..

The war promoted by the United States between Russia and Ukraine deepened its crisis by encouraging inflation and forced the US Fed (Federal Reserve) to increase interest rates, which caused the fall of the Silicon Valley BankSignature Bank and Silvergate Capital Corp. In Switzerland, the Credit Suissemanaged by Saudi capital.

The banks are assisted by the States in both cases, but they show the range of weakness of the financial system. Since the orthodox economists’ formula for lowering inflation is to freeze the economy, the Federal Reserve will continue to raise rates, thereby further lowering the value of bonds and more banks failing.

The war, which is at the heart of this process, favors the military and energy industry of the United States, to the detriment of European countries, but has entered into an expansive spiral of growing violence that has already put it on the verge of nuclear suicide. In a frozen economy, the only growth factor is war, which itself carries the seeds of self-destruction.

The Javier Milei factor

The deranged, loud, simplistic character of Javier Milei constitutes an Argentine phenomenon more modest than the nuclear suicide of humanity, but the tendency of a sector of society that, although it is not the majority, can turn it into a ultra-conservative and authoritarian referee between popular interests and elites.

The characteristics of the character account for the profile of his constituents, both those who repeat the four square ideas that propose the destruction of elementary rules of coexistence on the basis of an authoritarian regime, and those who choose him by discarding. The construction of a simpleton and grotesque character seeks to reach that profile of voters that he disputes with Patricia Bullrich, a similar character, but framed in macrismo.

This sector, disappointed by the system – and there are many of them – sees Cristina Kirchner persecuted by the worst of the “political caste”, the worst of the judicial system, by the “red circle” and by the hegemonic information, sees her persecuted by the system and, either he agrees with the worst of the system that disappointed him, or he cannot decipher that picture, culturally imprisoned by the system that he denies.

The inflation of the bad mood

Much of that disillusionment is fueled by an inflation that does not give respite. To this context were added the high temperatures, records in decades. Suffocation and inflation are the parents of a growing bad mood. But if to those ingredients are added the massive power outagesirritation in society can be measured in red numbers.

It is understood that in the context of high temperatures, the population simultaneously resorts to household appliances, from fans and refrigerators to air conditioners all day. This requirement stresses the electricity distribution system and can cause outages.

But in this case, it is true that cuts have also occurred in some provinces and towns in the interior, even in the northern part of CABA and the suburbs. But in those cases, the cuts were temporary and did not reach as many users as in the case of the territory under the responsibility of Edesurwhere there are still about 70 thousand people affected and some for more than two or three weeks.

If the climatic factor is ruled out, there remain two causes: either the amount that should have been invested in infrastructure was not invested –with which the company would not be complying with the conditions of the concession–, or the cuts are provoked.

auction Edesur

This last possibility should not be ruled out because it is an Italian company, IN ITwhich you are trying to sell at a bad time for sales.

The Italian company has 70 percent of the shares of Edesur. The remaining 30 percent belongs to a consortium that includes Nicholas Caputothe friend of Mauricio Macri. It is worth remembering that one of the Caputo family companies financed the violent activities of federal revolutionrelated to the group of marginals that tried to assassinate Cristina Kirchner.

Caputo is buying other Edesur facilities at a gift price, such as the thermal power plant in the port of Buenos Aires, the largest in Argentina. Since it already controls three other thermal power plants, it became the largest producer of electricity. The government blocked the purchase of the Dock Sud plant by this group, which also tried to buy Edesur.

The massive power cuts occurred at a time of great vulnerability for the Government and became a strong factor of imbalance. The social humor generated by the cuts had a full impact at the beginning of an election year. Political speculation arises in a country where this type of operation is not unusual.

The theoretical objective in this case would be to weaken the government, on which part of the anger falls. But it is inevitable that the fury will focus mainly on the company. In addition to the street closures in the neighborhoods without electricity, there was a furious concentration in front of the main headquarters of Edesur. And even the head of government of CABA and presidential candidate for the PRO, Horacio Rodriguez Larretahe received a shock of discomfort when he was confronted in the British bar, in front of Parque Lezama, by a group of neighbors without electricity.

The suicide option

But it could also be a way of forcing the government to take an untimely measure that would later be submitted to ICSID. A ruling in that instance would allow Edesur to receive a figure higher than its real value. In different media, the version circulated that the company has already prepared a presentation before the international court. But since everything that happens occurs within the framework of a sales process, it cannot be ruled out that it is feints and actions to increase prices and precipitate decisions using mistreated residents of Buenos Aires.

The Government made a criminal complaint against the directors of the company for “embezzlement, fraud and abandonment of person” and at the same time ordered an audit whose result could decide the end of the concession that was granted by Menemis for one hundred years in the 90s. The porteños have voted for more than 15 years for privatizing political proposals. And now they are suffering the consequences of a privatization of neoliberal essence. Another suicide exit.

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