"Who is who?": the odyssey that an Argentine couple had to go through to recognize their twins

The father and mother got confused by removing the bracelets that identified them.

An Argentine couple had to ask for help from the authorities to be able to identify their twins, since, when they removed the bracelets they had been given at birth, they got confused and could no longer tell them apart.

The story went viral from a tweet written by Sofía Rodríguez, the mother of Lorenzo and Valentín, who humorously recounted the problem she faced together with the father of the babies, Leonardo Costa.

“Tomorrow I have to go to the police to have my twins fingerprinted and tell me which is whichI won the mother of the year award“, he wrote. His case began to go viral and add anecdotes about other twins.

Lorenzo and Valentín were born on January 6 in the city of Mendoza and, as in the case of all twins, they immediately put different colored bracelets on them to identify them.

The problem arose at the beginning of March, since one night both babies (who were 45 days old by then) vomited and the father and mother decided to remove their bracelets to clean them. It was a bad idea, because afterward they couldn’t recognize them anymore.

“The whole family betting who is who,” Rodríguez wrote to share his journey, which had already been joined by personnel from the National Registry of Persons (Renaper), which depends on the Ministry of the Interior and which is the body in charge of issuing the Document National Identity Card (DNI) and passports.


While the authorities arrived, the advice for Rodríguez and Costa multiplied. Some even recommended that they resign themselves to changing the identity of their children, that is, that the baby they had initially called Lorenzo was now Valentin, and vice versa.

“Everyone has their birth certificate, their DNI, their medical history, their identities basically. And because as a mother i want to know which is which“, replied Rodríguez, explaining the importance of identity for any person.

Days after telling their story, Renaper officials arrived at the couple’s home to take the biometric data of the children again and compare them with the DNI that had been issued as soon as they were born.

The comparison of their fingerprints had to be done manually because, being babies, they still do not have enough definition to be digitally analyzed. This is the strongest proof of identity, since human fingerprints are unique.

The owner of the Renaper, Santiago Rodríguez, explained to the portal The uncovering that, through direct observation of the enlarged images, the specialists compared the fingerprints taken in the twins’ house with data from the DNI and they were quickly identified and certificates were issued for each one.

In this way, after two weeks of uncertainty, the parents managed to re-identify Lorenzo and Valentín.

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