What does the PT not want us to know about January 8th?

Those who are more thoughtful believe that a CPI would reveal serious and unforgivable mistakes by Flávio Dino; the most alarmists believe that a more acute investigation would reveal the participation of the left itself

Ton Molina/AFP – 08/01/2023Protesters invaded Praça dos Três Poderes and smashed public buildings on January 8

It is not easy to explain Brazil to a foreigner, and things get much worse when we try to explain the pitangas of our political clashes, ideological corners and party preferences. Lately, the most difficult fact to explain is why the government left is getting chills when hearing about the possibility of a January 8th CPIday of the invasion of the three powers in Brasilia. As everyone knows — just as it was in the US at the time of the invasion of the capitol — these acts have been painted as the Achilles heel of the conservative right, both here and there. And, believe it or not, in both countries the left is investing a lot of money, rhetoric and political capital to stifle investigations into these two days of fury.

There are many explanations from the Brazilian left in order to justify this posture, but, to be honest, none of them convinces anyone who is not under the ideological enchantment of the government. Not even old Brazilian socialists are buying these poorly worked excuses. The most obvious reasons for political analysts are two: those who are more thoughtful believe that a CPI on January 8th would show Flávio Dino’s crass and unforgivable mistakes, Minister of Justice and Public Security — something that, even without a deeper investigation, is already beginning to emerge on the surface — which would easily lead to his downfall; the most alarmist — and don’t take this as a criticism, they have reason to be — believe that a more acute investigation could reveal the participation of the left itself in the acts of that fateful day.

PT vice-president, Humberto Costahas already publicly said that the government will “invest heavily” against the establishment of the CPI, and “investing heavily” means putting money in, opening coffers and benefits for deputies and senators who do not sign or withdraw their signatures from the CPI application. Pachecopresident of the Senate, supported by the government bench in his re-election, has already publicly opposed the CPI and, the day before yesterday, in a movement aimed at discouraging and intimidating supporters of the commission, asked that everyone who requested the investigation of the Senate openly reaffirm their positions. They are scared, cornered. Looking from up here, as an analyst who has no party affiliation and does not easily fit into the ideological definitions that surround us, I can assure you that the smothering movement around the events of the 8th is obvious. The left doesn’t want anyone other than themselves to investigate what lurks under that day’s veil of vandalism.

what fears the PT? If the “terrorist” acts of the 8th were planned and carefully organized by Zap aunts, financed by Bolsonarist businessmen, using bloodthirsty people from the democratic left and a thousand times immaculate, why not investigate in depth and lay bare a once and for all the horrifying structures that exist in Bolsonarism, thus burying it, forever, in the void of political scum that should never be revisited? When that fog of uncertainty hangs in the air, when the lack of information is the the status quo of the inquiry, and the only thing that is known is under the absolute and obscure possession of a clearly biased judge, the immediate consequence is the emergence of conspiracy theories and a sense of legal insecurity in society. A CPI, although it obviously has its political nature, it also has the scrutinizing capacity necessary for the moment; and if there are completely loose elements in this narrative of “Bolsonarist terrorism” — believe me, there is a lot that is poorly told there —, it is the function, duty and merit of the legislative houses to investigate in depth.

Today, dear ones, there is a smell of moral and political rottenness surrounding that day, not only because of the vandal and criminal acts perpetrated, but because there is a tangible suspicion that there are participations, omissions and, perhaps, even shady arrangements that need to be clarified or buried. Who is afraid of the light that clarifies the facts? Why are Bolsonaristas and others on the right, the alleged culprits for the 8th, who want to investigate what happened in depth, while the government, the supposed biggest “victim” of that day, wants to stifle any investigations? Do you know what all this shows, my nobles? The government is trembling at the possibility that the investigation will reach something that they definitely do not want revealed. What would that be? We do not know. However, just as no one hides a vacuum or installs alarms to protect empty rooms, no government invests piles of money and offers positions and more positions in order to prevent an investigation that will condemn its greatest political executioner. Isn’t that obvious?

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