"What assholes", Maria De Filippi reacts to the jokes of Pio and Amedeo to Amici

Friends of Maria De Filippi 2022/2023

The two Apulian comedians, guests of the first episode of Amici 22, target all those present, but also those absent, such as Stash, who is not on the jury this year: “You put him on layoffs, he’s working as a valet”, they say to Maria De Filippi, who responded in kind.

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Friends of Maria De Filippi 2022/2023

Pio and Amedeo guests of Amici 22, the two Apulian comedians do not spare anyone present or even those absent. During their speech that took place on the end of the first episode of the talent show hosted by Maria DeFilippiPio and Amedeo set their speech on a general teasing of all the guests in the studio, from the new judges (“Malgioglio is still convinced that he is in Tale and Which, first he met Arisa in the dressing rooms and said to her ‘but you are exactly the same!'”), Giuseppe Giofré and Michele Bravi, who will occupy the three red seats in this edition of Maria De Filippi’s talent show.

Pio and Amedeo guests at Amici

But having also taken part in the previous editions, Pio and Amedeo did not spare even the jurors of last season, in particular Stash: “He’s on layoffs after you didn’t call him back Maria, we saw him out here acting as an abusive parking attendant”. De Filippi herself couldn’t hold back her laughter and commented “what assholes!”.

From Stash and Rudy Zerbi, the victims of Pio and Amedeo

Victim of the teasing of Pio and Amedeo too Rudy Zerbi: “We learned that he also separated from his 35th wife, but we understood that his real goal, as attached to the armchair as he is, is to end up also taking the throne over Men and Women”. Zerbi, in turn, nodded from the stands, confirming their premonitions.

The return of Felicissima Sera

Meanwhile Pio and Amedeo are ready to return with theirs Felicissima Sera – All inclusive, the new name of the prime time show which will start on March 24 on Canale 5, returning following the enormous success it enjoyed two years ago. Felicissima Sera will be aired for three consecutive Fridays and during the first episode it will have Silvia Toffanin as guests, but also Zucchero, Elisa and many others.

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