(VIDEO) Laura Ortega recalls her awkward moment on national television

(Then24.com).-The renowned influencer Laura Ortega opened up on social networks and recounted a negative experience when she was the presenter of a program on national television.

Ortega recalled the issue after one of her followers asked her if she wanted to be a presenter on any channel in the country through the dynamics of Instagram questions.

“I think you don’t understand the level of psychological trauma, which allowed me to be on that program when I was, oh, well, sorry, I didn’t say, but if I was on a program once and it lasted like a literal week, but I do believe that today it would be a completely different situation because I feel very sure of myself and I think that at that time it was the opposite (…)

I think today would be very different, but I think it would rather I would cross the line as if they would rather end up suing the television station because I said too much and things that I did not have to say and pure bad words ”, indicated the influencer in one of the stories.

At the insistence of the followers that she tell the story, Laura shared the uncomfortable moment that she lived in the live program.

“The thing is that I was in charge of the comments section, that is, how to interact with people on social networks, that was what I had to do in the program, so they had me like with an iPad or a tablet and what I did was read the comments and say thank you very much, I don’t know what I think so and so, but The stick is that the program was not going well brother, that is, you have to be honest, it was not going well and a point where nobody isI mean, I don’t know, maybe the internet went down or nobody was commenting on what whores and like the rods in the program itself they were not going wellOrtega began.

And she assured that in one of the programs she had to make several interventions, to the point where she ended up making up comments because he had nothing to say, for which he asked the producer not to put it on anymore and that at a certain moment they put it back on live, for which he panicked.

“They pass me the bar again, desperate, I give it refresh To that fucking tablet and I get a bad comment, I read it without thinking, the program was alive, I read the comment it was like: ‘this program is crapI don’t know’ and I said it live, that is, I said this program is crap, the truth is, I don’t know what and I, well, we’re very sorry that you think like that, eh, I I finished saying it and they were supposed to take the camera off me and they won’t take it off me, so I walk out frustratedLaura added.

After that, she says that she resigned from the program that It was live in 2016. In addition, he took the opportunity to criticize the presenters who imitate or invent tones of voice on national television.

“And I don’t know why I made that idiot voice, that is, that’s how they taught me because I was like in class before the day of the presentation and they taught me to speak as well as everything false. I don’t know why this is so common in the presenters, I don’t know why he spoke like that, but it even makes me sad to see myself talking like that, no, no, what a dad, “added Ortega.

Facebook page Tica Television, cHe shared the moment Laura was referring to in her Instagram stories:

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