Valentina Marletta: the young woman from La Plata is the country's first Aerospace Engineer

Continue your studies abroad

Recently graduated, but with clear objectives, she has defined that she would like to dedicate herself to Formula 1. For this, his goal to achieve in the near future is to study abroad a Master that he knows will be the one that will give him the tools to specialize in the area of ​​his interest. “I would like to specialize in the aerodynamic part. Outside the country there is the possibility of doing a Master, with very specific contents. I like the Formula 1 and I believe that having this formation abroad will be the previous step to be able to reach that objective”.

He has not yet defined where he will settle to pursue his postgraduate studies, he has defined that it will be next year. “The possibility is close, since the faculty has several contacts of France where Masters have been made. I have the support of the University, and that enables me to look for scholarships. Luckily I worked so hard in college that I got a very good GPA. I think that this characteristic will greatly benefit me when applying for some support through a study grant to specialize”.

“Mom I want to be an Aerospace Engineer”

The daughter of doctors, and with medical brothers, she knew from an early age that her vocation was not in medicine. Breaking the tradition of the ‘family of doctors’ did not detract from her family’s support, nor did she find references outside the family nucleus among peers and university professors. “My parents and siblings are happy that I have done what I decided to study. Since I was a girl, it was clear to me that she was not going to study medicine and beyond that decision, their support was always there. At the beginning of the race, it was difficult for me because ‘that reference’ was not there. Sometimes she wanted to ask for help, but she didn’t have someone close to her family to turn to. I ended up finding it quickly in the environment of the faculty itself, even in the professors, because everyone understands how much it can cost you to adjust to the study process in an engineering degree”.

“I found out this week that it would be the first”

Far from gloating over the nickname awarded ‘First woman Aerospace Engineer in the country‘, expresses his feelings with a saying in an absolutely simple way, and also with a sensible clarification.

“I just found out this week that I would be the first woman to graduate from the degree. I have to be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to her at first, maybe because she was so focused on delivering the last thing I needed. Just now I fall. Obviously it is a great source of pride, but there are women who have already received degrees in aeronautical engineering, which was the name given to the degree that was there before. All those graduates represent her as much as I do today.”


Valentina with classmates and a UNLP teacher at the “Annual Flight Convention”

“A bigger group of engineers will come”

Although for many years everything that has reference to the aerospace was linked to men, valentine It anticipates that a much broader group of engineers will come. “I entered in 2017 and I saw a very important change between that year and today, as I am working as a teaching assistant, I see it in a very direct way. You can see that in the last 5 years a lot has changed and today there are many more students”.

He will no longer go to college, but his link with the University continues. Not only because of her activity as a teaching assistant, but also because she has been part of a research group since September last year, she received a scholarship until September 2023.

Message for those who are still students

INFOSKY: Without looking for it you open a path. For the women who are still on the road, today with the satisfaction of your degree obtained and full of projects, what message would you share with the current students?

“The first thing I leave you as a message is to cheer up. Subjects such as mathematics and others that belong to the hard sciences appear in the career, which are always scary, but if you really like the subjects of the profession, everything will be worth it. Some time ago, this race could be very focused on men, but I advise not to feel that way because once you’re in it you don’t feel the difference at all, you just have to have confidence in yourself and know that with the effort one can do the race without experiencing differences. Today, beyond the fact that the number of applicants has grown, we are still minorities. You have to cheer up and go forward. The environment of the faculty is beautiful, and there is no discrepancy at all, ”he expressed to INFOSKY, Valentina Marlettathe happy graduate of the National University of La Plata.


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