These couple of tricks for your captures on the iPhone are very little known but essential for me

How useful are the screenshots and how easy it is to stay in the gesture, the photo that is taken and little else. Since the iPhone X, the way of taking screenshots has changed and the options that allow you to take the generated snapshot have also evolved. Without going any further, there are a couple of iPhone screenshot functions that I find most practical and that are undervalued.

Capture not only the screen, but the entire page

Sometimes it happens that you are interested in immortalizing only what you have on the screen (or perhaps a smaller part) but, what happens when you want to have the whole article? Well, you can also do it, since it has the function to print the classic full screen of computers.

First take the screenshot as usual (i.e. by simultaneously pressing the volume up button and the side button or with the Touch ID button and the side button if you have an iPhone SE) and now look at the image that appears.

In the upper zone appears ‘Screen’ (what appears by default) and ‘Full page’. It is the second option that interests us: if you select it, you will see that a PDF type document is generated which you can scroll through by tapping on the thumbnail on the right.

When you click on ‘OK’, you will be able to choose where to save the generated PDF. This trick is essential for me to be able to read, share or keep a complete article safe without losing its structure.

How to copy and paste a screenshot without saving it thanks to iOS 16

Improve your hand drawings

If after taking a screenshot would you like to hand draw something On this, for example, an arrow, a circumference, a line… you just have to take the screenshot and click on the pen icon to start your stroke (remember that you can choose aspects such as thickness, color, etc).

Now you will only have to slide your finger in the way you want, for example to point to something by rounding it. When you close that kind of circumference and as usual, the line will be imperfect.

Well then, hold your finger down as soon as you finish tracing to let iPhone interpret what you wanted to do and is automatically changed by an arrow, a line, a circumference and even a cloud.


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