The difficult balance between work and family

In executive coaching, one of the most recurring themes is the balance between work and family, which can generate constant dissatisfaction. When you spend a lot of time at the office, you experience a feeling of guilt for neglecting loved ones. On the other hand, being at home, work pending occupy the mind.

This situation is unsustainable in the long term, as it is unproductive, leads to conflicts and, in extreme cases, leads to divorce or estrangement from children. Therefore, it is imperative to take steps to achieve a healthy balance in life.

A quick solution would be to affirm that quality time is spent with the family; however, this is not a substitute for presence and participation in events important to them. For this reason, communication is essential to value and give due weight to living with children and a partner, as well as to labor matters.

One premise is to understand that the importance of events is based on the requirements of the family, not us. The only way to gauge this is through dialogue, as a festival or a football match can seem trivial compared to a visit to a client.

Although the role of the supplier is understood, it is always possible to negotiate to reach a more equitable level and mutual understanding.

It is necessary to learn to set limits to work, seek efficiency and delegate. It is advisable to identify priorities and reject those tasks that are not essential. If we commit to too many projects, there will never be enough time.

One of the great challenges in this world of mobile technology is to impose work hours and disconnect when we are done, so that we are not distracted by calls or messages. In addition, it is useful to find ways to integrate work and family, such as the home office, which allows you to be present and share daily problems. This generates understanding and empathy.

Finally, let’s make the most of free time to carry out activities that we can enjoy with the family, that make us stop thinking about the office and recharge our energies to return with renewed enthusiasm.

In short, balance is difficult, but it is essential to have a full and happy relationship. Successful professional development provides resources to the family, and a good relationship with loved ones makes us more productive. Therefore, we must not neglect any of these two areas and always seek an adequate balance between them.

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