TESTIMONY I had my first child at the age of 58

All her life, Carolyne Ness had hoped to become a mother. Only, at the age of 58, the pregnancies never having come, the Australian could not bring herself to give up her desire to be a mother.

Also, to welcome her first baby against all odds, she had adopted, in 2017, for a payment of more than 5,100 euros, an embryo in India. A decision on which she returned at greater length, proud to have become a mother.

Now or never

Having a baby just before I turned 60 would never have been my first choice when I was younger. “confided Carolyne, 64, living in New South Wales, Australia, to the newspaper The Sun. According to her, becoming a mother so late is not selfish. Better, it makes her a better mom. ” I never wanted to be a single mother. It was my worst nightmare. But it got to a point where it was now or never and I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t try. she indicated.

A collapsing relationship

In November 2017, Carolyne welcomed Javed, her now 5-year-old son. The end of a journey towards parenthood that the young mother had started at the age of 30. ” I was married when I was younger but struggled to get pregnant she confided. ” In my thirties, I discovered that I had problems of fertility she continued. ” But the moment we thought about doing IVF our relationship really fell apart. she noted. Carolyne divorces and does not meet the ideal man, quick to become a father. ” I had a few relationships but none really suited me she asserted.

Adopt an embryo

Carolyne then considers adoption but discovers that years can pass before she can welcome a young child, even abroad. She ends up abandoning this track. Shortly before his 58th birthday, Carolyne discovers that it is possible to adopt A embryo frozen. Once selected by the person wishing to adopt it, it is implanted in her uterus in a process similar to IVF. Carolyne was thus able to experience pregnancy and childbirth herself.

Finally a positive test

But soon a problem arose. The age limit for adopting an embryo is 55 in Australia. Carolyne broadens her search and flies to New Delhi in the hope of finally becoming a mother. She uses an egg from a 21-year-old Indian woman and sperm from an American donor. ” I did the treatment just before I turned 58 so I was in the upper limit she pointed out. ” They transferred three embryos which tends to be avoided in Australia so as not to have multiple births. It gave me extra chances to get pregnant she revealed. Trying not to think about it too much, Carolyne waits to take a pregnancy test but can’t resist the urge to believe it. ” They were all positive and when I came back to Australia a blood test came up. confirmed my pregnancy she laughed.

Become a mom

In November 2017, Javed was born thanks to a planned cesarean due to the age of his mother. ” Having Javed is a wonderful gift. I am extremely lucky she declared. However, being a single mom is not easy. ” I have no family here. I have friends but Australia is such a huge place they don’t really live near me she asserted.

The best decision

According to Carolyne, Javed doesn’t seem to have noticed his age. ” All he says is he wants a daddy she laughed. ” I think other moms obviously notice that. Some of his friends have grandmothers around the same age as me. I’m not ashamed of anything she maintained. If the criticism sometimes rains, Carolyne fully assumes this late motherhood which makes her a better mother. ” You develop maturity. I have a lot more patience now she began. ” When I was younger I was selfish and wouldn’t have liked to give up my social life she added, emphasizing that she had been able to travel the world unlike young mothers. And to conclude: I will have missed something that brings me so much happiness! It’s the best decision I’ve ever made“.




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