Shingeki No Kyojin: the solution for the Rumble was Naruto, according to this version of a follower

The case of Naruto and Shingeki No Kyojin end up being the opposite, with both as benchmarks for how to do a good deed, but it is in the small details where we can notice the differences between one and the other. In the conception of its history, its setting, and even the years in which it was released, they differ quite a lot, so it is always quite difficult to make comparisons between one and the other. Still, it is also possible to find many points of union between both worksand that is what some users have done.

Of course, we recommend that you take us seriously, because what we are going to tell you will be the union between the final third of Shingeki, and a recurring meme in the Naruto fan community. Therefore, this is not a fan-made story, but rather a funny union, which could never happen, but the fans have wanted to imagine.


Naruto has the uncanny ability to “evangelize” his enemies.

The well-known evangelizing jutsu goes into action

If you have seen Naruto, and have entered the fan community, you will know exactly what It is known as “the evangelizing jutsu”. Basically, for those people who don’t know what we’re talking about, this refers to Naruto’s ability to convince villains that what they’re doing is wrong, so they end up being good.

This occurs very commonly in the series, being few villains who do not end up having such a redemption, reason for which it was given that name. For this reason, and as you can see in a publication of Daily Dose of AnimeThey have made a parody in which Naruto tries to “evangelize” an Eren at the height of history, in which he is going to use, or is already using the so-called “Rumble” to destroy a part of humanity.

Of course, and as we have already commented before, this is an excuse to unite the protagonists of two of the best animes in history. Even so, if we were to analyze whether this would be possible, we cannot say that the possibility was 0% either. We already saw what it was Naruto’s ability to convincewhich he used on numerous occasions, and in the hypothetical case that this meeting was possible, he could have convinced Eren to stop the genocide he was about to commit.

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