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How did ceramics appear in your life?

I started by attending evening ceramics courses for two years, then I signed up to study ceramics. In June 2019, after completing training, I bought my own workspace, machines and other equipment and opened my studio, which is also a shop.

What is your approach to design?

I like stripped down design, without many details or colors. I make classic ceramics with a modern twist.

Is your life philosophy reflected in the way you work and run your studio?

Undoubtedly. I love nature, calmness, I spend a lot of time alone in my studio and I appreciate those moments. I try to combine sustainability and craftsmanship. I want people to enjoy my pottery for a long time, without it wearing out.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Nature, flea markets and other materials, such as glass or wood, but, above all, needs. I usually do things that I want and that add.

How is your creation process?

It usually starts with me looking for something or getting a wish from a customer/retailer. From there, I started to think about the aesthetics of ceramics. I do research and sketches. I produce some prototypes. I take the product home and use it for a while. I choose clay and glaze. Often, the original creation is a very different product after all.

How long does it take to develop a piece?

It’s impossible to say. I quickly choose the size of the product and which clay to use. However, I can stay thinking, sketching a product, for a week or a year, depending on how much time I have to test.

What is your work material of choice?

I love my black clay. It’s really hard to work with, but it’s so beautiful when it’s done!

How do you define what you do?

Classic yet modern pottery and craftsmanship of course!

Which of your products is – so far – your biggest success?

My dishes are probably the most appreciated products.

Who are the designers you most admire?

I believe there are several good Swedish and Danish potters.

What product of design history would you like to have created?

Sofia Tufvasson makes magical sculptures, Malene Knudsen makes wonderful vases.

How do you imagine the interiors of a house a century from now?

Realistic and simple decor, with lots of crafts and recycled items.

What’s your favorite division?

The kitchen is where the magic happens.

What would you change in the current design landscape, including the ceramics field?

I am passionate about crafts. Working pottery by hand is what we should be doing.

Upcoming projects…

I’m thinking of developing more furniture, vases, pots, candlesticks. I’m also experimenting with new nail polishes – I’d like to get an even more earthy and raw surface.

The ceramic pieces of Emma Ljung are available online at

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