Neither Goku nor Frieza: Akira Toriyama already introduced the most powerful character of 'Dragon Ball' years ago, but he has a trick

In ‘Dragon Ball’ we have very powerful characters and kicks with power levels that have also been growing as the series progresses. The new transformations do not stop arriving and every time one arrives we return to the classic debate because… Who is then the most powerful character in all of ‘Dragon Ball’?

We each bet on our favorites. Yes Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Cell, Frieza… or whoever makes it onto the list, but the truth is that Akira Toriyama already revealed it years ago and perhaps only the fans who have been involved in this from the beginning will remember him.

The absolute boss

if in ‘Dragon Ball Z’ we already had some almost indestructible characters like Cell, in ‘dragon ball i knewr’ Toriyama and Toyotaro slammed the table down by introducing us to the gods of the universe. But we are not talking about Beerus or Zeno Sama, but about himself Akira Toriyama.

If we stop to think, it makes sense that the all-powerful being with the most control over ‘Dragon Ball’ would be its creator. In the end, he is the one who decides which characters deserve another chance and who to wipe off the map. And if we think that he does not count as a character, well, in fact, he did appear in the manga or in the anime anime.

Just like other mangaka have their own alter egos within their work (right, Hirohiko Araki?), Toriyama included himself in ‘Dragon Ball’ as Toriyama Robbery.

Toriyama Robbery

This character already appeared from time to time in ‘Dr. Slump’, the slice of life comedy that the mangaka created before ‘Dragon Ball’, and has the appearance of a small robot with a gas mask. Within ‘Dragon Ball’ was how Toriyama drew himself in the manga to speak to the readers, and He has also been seen several times in the animeeither on posters where rewards are offered for him or as an audience at tournaments.

More recently, it has even appeared on the 10,000 zeni bills in ‘Dragon Ball Super’ and in some video games in the saga.

Toriyama Theft Img2

Beyond the cameos and the meme, it has been confirmed how powerful Toriyama Robo was in ‘Daizenshuu 7’, the definitive ‘Dragon Ball’ encyclopedia written by its creator. And for the avoidance of doubt, he is described as the ultimate ruler of the Dragon World and much more important than the Kaio-shin.

And if we want to get along and keep him happy so he doesn’t mess up, Toriyama also confirmed that Toriyama Robo likes “cars, motorcycles, action figures, movies, dogs and women”, and that he “hates that Your publisher rejects your ideas, the rats, and your work.” To take note.

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