"Negreira and some Barcelona employees set up the scam for years"

New information keeps coming out about the Case negreira, these from people who lived closely and from within the entire process. We are talking about the former international referee Juan Ansuategui Rock that talks about how it was Jose Maria Enriquez Negreirayour perception of all the bomb that has now been around the payments of the Barcelona and that “paripé” that in his opinion the referee and later vice president of the Technical Committee of Referees had set up.

Ansuátegui coincided for three seasons as a partner of enriquez negreira then for almost ten seasons when the latter took over as vice president. The man from Castellón is very clear about what kind of person he was: «He never seemed to me a reliable or serious person. I never had a good relationship with him. He was a ghost ».

“It seems incredible to me that someone would pay for that. The information that Negreira could give him were statistics that were available to anyone. I think a scoundrel sold smoke and some idiots bought it from him. In addition, at the price of gold, because they did not pay for it out of pocket. Between Enríquez and some Barcelona employees they set up the scam for years, ”explains Ansuátegui openly, who had no doubts about who among the senior CTA officials in his time could have such a scam. “If they had asked me then who of the four could have entered into a scam of this type, I would have been right for sure,” he said.

Ansuáteguiin an interview with The voice of Galicia, explains that «Negreira boasted of having a small group of referees who, whenever they went to Barcelona, ​​stayed with him for lunch or dinner before the game. I think it was Enríquez who used them to show that he had influence. He was more of a paripé, a way of selling smoke ».

The famous reports

“I would like to see those reports. He was going to give us all a fit of laughter”, he added and responded to whether it was at those famous dinners that he organized that he was trying to influence the active referees, on which he reflected: “I find it hard to believe that he really made those kinds of insinuations to them to favor Barcelona in a match. If Sánchez Arminio had known, or anyone had gone out of his mouth, Negreira would have lasted ten minutes ».

“What he sold abroad is one thing, which surely made him believe that those referees followed his instructions, and reality is another. Put yourself in the mindset of a referee. If they received any consideration, it would not be to retire either. And, if you keep quiet, you may think that the one next to you is going to leave. In my time, money was already earned, and now much more. I would be very surprised if a referee allowed himself to be bought for amounts that were not going to imply his retirement. It is as if a First Division footballer, who earns two million a year, allows himself to be bought for 10,000 euros. I don’t see that in the elite. It could happen in minor categories, but in the First Division it is hard for me to believe it », he points out.

The former referee from Castellón also confesses that he “has never, directly or indirectly, made the slightest suggestion to me that he had any influence in a game”, but that he does not put “his hand in the fire for anyone.”

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