Love numerology.  Despite the differences in character, these two numbers attract each other like a magnet, but they have no chance for love

Numerology is a topic that enjoys constant interest among people who want to learn more about themselves. If you already know what number you are, read if you can get in love trouble. These two numbers are different in everything, and yet they stick to each other like a magnet. Unfortunately, their relationship is doomed to failure.

They are like fire and water

Numerological ones are strong and extremely self-confident people. They know what they want, they have charisma, they are temperamental, go-getting and resolute. They always come out of trouble unscathed, and when they really care about something, they will always do their best to achieve it. Ones do not like opposition and must always be right. They rarely admit their mistakes, because for them it is tantamount to failure.

Numerological Ones are capable, stubborn and combative. When they plan something, they go after it at all costs. They never give up and are resistant to stress. He’s definitely the winning type.

Numerological twos are sensitive, delicate and have a lot of warmth and empathy. They are noble and friendly people who will never leave anyone in need. The term “people with a pigeon heart” fits them perfectly. Numerological twos are gentle – they do not like to get involved in disputes, they do not like quarrels and verbal jostling. They like to stay on good terms with everyone and are happy when someone shows them sympathy, because it is an ennoblement for them.

It turns out that despite such huge differences in characters, numerological ones and twos cling to each other and attract each other like a magnet. Unfortunately … they will not build a lasting relationship together.

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This love has no chance

Once they get to know each other, they quickly catch each other’s eye. There is an invisible power of attraction between them that quickly brings numerological ones and twos together. They are the opposite of each other, which is why at the beginning they perfectly complement each other. They are attracted to each other and they want to spend as much time together as possible. A mutual fascination is born between them and a chemistry is created, thanks to which sparks spark unimaginably between them. When Ones and Twos start dating, they believe they will create the relationship they have been waiting for all their lives. And although they quickly notice that they have extremely different characters, they recognize that this is only an advantage, not a disadvantage. What one lacks, two has, and vice versa.

When the mutual fascination begins to weaken over time, and the routine and prose of life get into the relationship, their relationship begins to deteriorate dramatically. Very often, the one begins to dominate the two, put pressure on it, becomes despotic towards it. One wants to rule, imposes its opinion on two, does not tolerate its mistakes. The relationship starts to get more and more toxic and difficult for the two…

The two feel increasingly unhappy, deceived and persecuted. However, instead of breaking out of the harmful relationship as quickly as possible, he only withdraws and withdraws into himself. The two become deeply unhappy. One provokes more quarrels, and Two bets on quiet days that exhaust her, but she does not have the strength to break out of a toxic relationship.

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