“Let’s Dance” column: Llambi causes jury stress: “It’s so nice when Motsi gets upset”

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It was pretty harmonious on the dance floor, but not with the “Let’s Dance” jury: Joachim Llambi messed with his colleagues in the most recent episode. First he teased Jorge González and his tower hairstyle, then he drove Motsi Mabuse mad.

The 80’s special is a bit like Christmas. Every year it provides a highlight on “Let’s Dance” (RTL). That was also the case this time. Although there was not the maximum score of 30 for a particularly outstanding couple, Joachim Llambi would have earned the 10 for bashing his jury colleagues.

Jorge González is the man for the spectacular performances. This time, in keeping with the 80s motto, he appeared with an insane towering hairstyle, which was a homage (or satire) to the little grandmaster Prince, to whose song “Let’s Go Crazy” the professional dancers opened the evening. Llambi, however, felt more like Marge Simpson, perhaps because of González’s yellow beanie on top. The first broadside of the evening. Not the last.

“Let’s Dance” juror Llambi blasphemes about “Duracel Bunny” Ali Güngörmüs

After Ali Güngörmüs had struggled “from time to time like a Duracel bunny” or “Hoppelhase Hans” (original sound Llambi) with partner Christina Luft through a quick step to “Together Forever” (Rick Astley) and pointed out that he yes “here is the oldest”, González contradicted: “The Llambi is even older.” That’s true (and it’s twelve years), but Llambi didn’t find that so exciting. “You’re only three years younger, too,” he grumbled. González countered: “But there is a big difference.” Llambi added: “It always depends on the mileage.”

A couple of dancers later there was the next round in the jury beef. Because Llambi, after Chryssanthi Kavazis and Vadim Garbuzov’s Viennese waltz to “Hijo De La Luna” (Mecano), spoke of a significant increase compared to “last week’s disaster”, González mocked that Llambi was constantly harping on the disaster. “It was. And now you’ve said it again yourself,” Llambi parried. Kavazi and Garbuzov stood a little apart, but the former was thankful that Llambi didn’t dissect them (again). After all, he gave her 4 points this time. But there were boos again, because González and Motsi Mabuse scored significantly higher, with 8 and 7 points.

“Let’s Dance”: With Sharon Battiste it cracked “in the intimate area”

After that, calm returned to the jury (for the time being) and dancing came to the fore. And sometimes it worked better and sometimes worse. Better especially with Sharon Battiste and Christian Polanc. There was no trace of their alleged personal quarrels, which the gossip press recently hyped up, on the floor (nor of Sharon’s training ouch when it cracked “in the intimate area”). In the end, the two embraced each other when there was a dream grade (from González) and two 9s. Llambi praised: “You are a great work of art”. This time not even Anna Ermakova and Valentin Lusin could top the 28 points. Although Anna danced “like a queen” according to González, the season’s first Paso Double also got “only” 28 points.

The third best rating that evening (26 points) was achieved by Timon Krause and Ekaterina Leonova with their rumba to “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me” (Culture Club), closely followed by Philipp Boy and Patricija Ionel, who played for their Cha Cha Cha scored 25 points for “Easy Lover” (Phil Collins). Jens “Knossi” Knossalla and Isabel Edvardsson ended up in midfield with 22 points for their tango to “Relax” (Frankie Goes To Hollywood).

“Let’s Dance” candidate Mimi Kraus only gets a meager 10 points

Four couples found each other with 19 points. For Younes Zarou and Malika Dzumaev as well as for Chryssanthi Kavazi and Vadim Garbuzov and also Sally Özcan and Massimo Sinató this meant a hopeful improvement, but for Julia Beautx and Zsolt Sándor Cseke it meant a setback after a great previous week. Penultimate (17 points) were Ali Güngörmüs and Christina Luft.

It was really bad this time for Mimi Kraus and Mariia Maksina. The handball star had such big problems with the jive to “I’m Still Standing” (Elton John) in training that he cursed like a beer driver. It didn’t get much better on the floor. “That was too often next to the music,” said Llambi and only gave 1 point – maximum penalty. In the end it was only enough for a total of 10 points and the last place.

Boys against girls: The jury’s vote becomes a farce

But not all disco days were over yet. The “Boys versus Girls” special came on. The five celebrity ladies danced against the six celebrity gentlemen, who choreographed their own songs to the songs “Baby Got Back” (Sir Mix-A-Lot), “Macarena” (Los Del Rio) and “Bloody Mary” ( Lady Gaga) delivered a dance battle. The jury evaluated and these points were then added to the dancers on their pair dance rating.

Only: nothing happened. Because the jury scored a draw. Until then, the hall and especially Motsi Mabuse raged. After the explosive performance, González was the most relaxed. “Both did it very well.” Mabuse saw it differently, rose and raised her voice and encouraged all the girls in the audience to do the same and make a lot of noise for the dance girls. “The boys had energy, but the girls danced a lot cleaner. We were better, End of Story!” trumpeted Mabuse, dressed like a personified disco ball.

“Let’s Dance” juror Llambi brings Motsi Mabuse to incandescence

Joachim Llambi grinned coolly in a glittering jacket. “Anyone who talks about it a lot is far from it,” he commented smugly. “The boys were two grades better,” he grinned and enjoyed it when Mabuse went up like table fireworks. “It’s so nice when Motsi gets upset.” Llambi’s verdict: “The girls shook their hips nicely, but the boys were much better.” That was polemical, the jury voting then became a farce.

“Everyone gives their points, we divide by three,” moderator Daniel Hartwich specified the procedure. The boys got a 10 from González and an 8 each from Mabuse and Llambi, made a rounded up 9 after Hartwich’s mental arithmetic exercise. When voting for the girls, Mabuse and González pulled out the 10th Llambi a 1, whereupon he had to duck away from Mabuse, in order not to get their scoring scoop greased. Crouching, he did a quick calculation and then presented a 6 – a tie, which is also a rounded 9. The voting for the “Boys versus Girls” special turned out like the Hornberger shooting, only a little more entertaining.

Younes Zarou finished dancing

After the rather superfluous “Boys versus Girls” action, a couple had to go anyway. Younes Zarou and Malika Dzumaev, Ali Güngörmüs and Christina Luft as well as Mimi Kraus and Mariia Maksina trembled in the red light. In the end, the master of magical-artistic videos had danced out: Younes Zarou was eliminated. He did it with grateful words, especially for his dance partner Malika, but also for the format: “It was an exciting, emotional journey.”


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