Kaia Gerber: When Appearance Meets Substance

Kaia Gerber does not deny that being the daughter of Cindy Crawford, now 57 years old, is an asset for anyone who, like her, followed in her mother’s footsteps in the world of fashion: the ex-top model’s experience and knowledge of the cause have been useful to her since she made her debut as a model , not only because he received precious advice that was beneficial to him in moments of greater stress – “Be punctual. Take some time to learn people’s names and be nice to everyone. If you’re not grateful and happy to be there, someone else will be”, says the mother –, also because she previously knew some people she crosses paths with now in the professional environment, because they are part of the family’s circle of friends (the father is the businessman Rande Gerber and has a brother two years older, presley). But he points out that it is not the “wedges” that make a career that requires effort, dedication and a good capacity for sacrifice, and, in an interview he gave to the February edition of the American Elle magazine, he quotes a sentence that his mother usually says as a joke : “If I could make one phone call and get a Chanel campaign, it would be for me!”

At the age of 21, Kaia Gerber, who has already walked the runway for the most relevant brands, has been the face of major campaigns and has appeared on many magazine covers, reconciles the land-to-land discourse of someone who grew up in a small town, Malibu, on the California coast, which has about ten thousand inhabitants, and where he managed to keep the same schoolmates over the years, and preserves a reasonably simple and unpretentious life, but he started traveling early, which gave him world, not least because he describes himself as being very observant.

The young model does not hide that spending a lot of time away from home and on her own and feeling the pressure of being a good professional ended up making her sacrifice her personal life and mental health, and she recognizes that in her case the pandemic has arrived in good time: allowed you to have time for yourself, family, friends or to do things as simple as cooking. After that, and with the help of therapy, she decided: “I will never again sacrifice my personal life and mental health for my work.”

It was during this time that he created a book club on his Instagram account that would eventually become a small success. “I always carry a book, because my profession involves long waits and I can’t be on the phone all the time, social networks make me anxious if I spend too much time using them”, he explains in the same interview, adding that, once again, following her mother’s advice, she regularly writes about her experiences.

“I will never again sacrifice my personal life and mental health for my work.” (Kaia, to “Elle” magazine)

However, he began to reconcile fashion with representation. She has occasionally appeared in films and recently had a more relevant role in a comedy, Bottoms, revealing that one of her favorite occupations is attending stand-up comedy clubs and that this work was “an honor” for her. But career opportunities do not seem to dazzle her and she says that she tries to keep her feet firmly on the ground, adding that she has gained a confidence and maturity that allow her to publicly assume her points of view today: she supported the Black Lives Matter movement and expressed her views. if in favor of the right to abortion, as it defends that public figures have a duty to use their visibility to support causes.

The apparently solid relationship that has been maintained for two years with the actor Austin Butler (protagonist of the film Elvis, a role that this year has already earned him a Bafta, a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination for Best Actor), ten years older, and which he does to preserve as much as possible seems to attest to the maturity that shows in the your speech.

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