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Since PlayStation VR2 arrived at my doorstep, this equipment is undoubtedly the biggest technological attraction of the whole house. It is extremely funny that I feel more joy now from watching someone’s first steps in virtual reality, than in a standalone game. Unfortunately, motion sickness doesn’t choose ai makes long sessions with some games very difficult, even if I would like to spend more time in them.

A lot has happened in the world this month PlayStation VR2we will not only talk about my further impressions of using the equipment, but we will also summarize ourselves list of best-selling games and recent cases failure of docking stations for VRSense controllersreported by Reddit users.

I could sell PlayStation VR2 in retail chains

Let’s be honest few flat of games impresses casual players today. The excitement that accompanied it Hogwarts Legacy I can only compare it to the uproar of the early 2000s, the golden age of dominance The Sims 2. We are so familiar with the concept of gaming as sitting in front of the TV and holding a gamepad that only inventions like PlayStation VR2 are capable of distorting this view.

That’s why I look forward to every opportunity to put a helmet on someone else’s head. As soon as I have access to equipment, I spend the most time with Gran Turismo 7 VR and Tetris Effect: Connected. And with these games I also present possibilities PlayStation VR2.

Cooperation with a person learning to play on PlayStation VR2 is so simple that with a compatible game running, we can see its progress on the TV. So it’s easy to take a pad and set up a race in Gran Turismo 7 VRbefore we give power to the waiting driver.

I will never forget the admiration on the faces of those driving the 1989 Chevrolet Corvette for the first time. One of my roommates she deliberately accelerated and crashed just to just to test the crash experience. I can imagine the kids looking like this right now would pester parents for months to buy a PlayStation VR2

Even better reactions are on Tetris Effect: Connected. How, Tetris in VR?! And then I start someone’s game and this sweet shock comes. I wouldn’t always call it audiovisual ecstasy, but every time there is a comment in the tone of “Well well!. I’ll repeat it myself like a broken record – Tetris Effect: Connected it’s a must-buy if you’re equipped with it PlayStation VR2.

Motion sickness? It all depends on the game!

In your review PlayStation VR2 I mentioned two fears that came true. The first are rubbery cylinders to protect us from external light during the game. When the helmet is not used for more than a day, the cylinders absorb the dust as much as they can. And cleaning is annoying here, because all you have to do is miss something and your nose is constantly itching while playing. It’s funny because I thought the cable would be the bigger problem – and I often don’t notice that at all.

The second is of course sweating forehead, absolutely unhelpful with titles that can increase motion sickness. After a month of playing, the principle is simple for me. If the game includes a fast-moving and rotating 3D character, the session will most likely not last more than about 40 minutes. In case of Resident Evil: Village the tutorial alone was enough to make my head say “enough”. Just being aware of these problems makes me very reluctant to try games on which I don’t know my body’s reaction yet.

That’s why static positions win strongly here. I have no problem playing for two hours Tetris Effect: Connected or thumperbut at Horizon: Call of the Mountain I know I’m out in much less time. If you have any advice on increasing your tolerance for virtual spaces, this is a great time to give them to me.

The best-selling games on PlayStation VR2, or what else is worth playing?

There’s no denying that the list of best-selling PlayStation VR2 games is quite intriguing. According to data from sorting on the Polish PlayStation Store, the stakes are opened – without great surprises – Gran Turismo 7 and Resident Evil: Village. I had the opportunity to test the latter recently and I can only say that it was used there Shooting mechanics are extremely immersive, apart from the very horror atmosphere of the first minutes of the game.

Then it gets extremely interesting. The hearts of the VR community are conquered by an online shooter Pavlov, based on a theme find and destroyknown from Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Poles love Valve’s iconic game, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

The next places are relaxing kayaking, i.e Kayak VR: Mirage. And there’s still a fantastic one ahead Synth Riders, which filled the gap left by the absent (yet) on the platform Beat Saber. 58 tracks in the basic edition and plenty of additional (and paid!) are reason enough to get acquainted with this rhythmic classic.

And only after these games is found Horizon: Call of the Mountain, flagship production from PlayStation Studios for a new virtual reality helmet. After all, this is not a 100% full, high-budget production, such as titles from the beginning of the rate.

It is worth paying attention to the debut The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR, although sales here are increased due to the novelty status. Horror and roller coaster in one? This sounds like a dream title for the owners of the new platform. Especially since the studio is responsible for it Supermassive Gamesalso known to be terrifying Until Dawn and The Quarry.

And we still have Star Wars: Tales from Galaxy’s Edge, and the TOP 10 is closed by another two rhythmic hits – drum rock (STRONG inspiration from the series Guitar Hero) and legendary in the VR community Pistol Whipwhich is also a rhythmic shooter in which the player moves along a predefined path and eliminates enemies, just like in classic slot machines.

Players are alarming that the VRSense dock is a potential source of problems

Finally, quite important, but also disturbing information. It should be treated with a dose of distance – I also currently do not have a PlayStation VR2 docking station to verify the existence of the problem. Although, looking at the accounts of the victims, I would not like to tempt fate either.

No later than early March gaming websites reported about single issues with VRSense controller docks. In each of these cases, the situation was so serious that the short-circuit caused could even lead to a fire in the apartment.

Users have been reporting problems since the launch of the helmet unofficial PSVR subreddit. Each of the cases had a common denominator – players sweaty hands. The USB-C port on the VRSense controllers is placed too close to the fingers where sweat can drip, straight into the electronics hole. If such a hidden fluid comes into contact with the current, the recipe for a short circuit is ready.

This is what the VRSense controller and PlayStation VR2 docking station looked like after the unfortunate accident of one Reddit user. How to prevent a similar catastrophe? It’s best to clean your controllers after each use and only keep them on the dock until fully charged. (photo. Reddit, u/toystory2wasokay)

Aside from the security issue, there is one more detail. At this time, SONY does not sell separate VRSense controllers. These are only included in the main set PlayStation VR2. This means that if any of you experience a strange meltdown of the ports, you should rely on the success of the complaint process.

Or well, it’s best not to risk it and charge VRSense controllers as standard, via USB-C cables. It is true that in the review I complained about the lack of a dock in the set, but if the alternative to inconvenient charging is the eternal fear of a short circuit on the contacts, then there is no need to tempt fate and let go of convenience, at least until some official SONY announcements or the next revision of the docking stations.

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