Itching in Saltilla skies;  the alternative of vertical constructions

It is a valley surrounded by mountains.

The farmhouse extends horizontally.

Now the idea of ​​scratching the sky with vertical constructions is accentuated.

It is a scourer of various techniques to put offices and apartments on the heights, adding the floors in progressive ascent: parking, maintenance, elevators, installation of water, electricity and gas services.

A regulatory plan will be required, with a very intelligent previous vision so that the city does not end up having multiple risk areas, but a modernity of solutions for a complete victory of functional, elegant and uncluttered architecture.

Chinese cities are displayed in videos in which the vertical looks exaggerated and inharmonious. The buildings are piled up in a wreck of thick pollution.

The wooded spaces in the projects here, with fountains, on wide boulevards can give an impression of prosperity and progress that does not neglect an aesthetic that combines good taste with functionality.

Family housing for a medium level of life could find an attractive alternative, added to a proportionate investment, as happened in Tlatelolco in the well-remembered Federal District.


As a multiple attack on the capacity for attention and concentration, the application of TikTok has been typified. It already equates to a virtual fentanyl. It is not only distracting, but also addictive. It is already proposed to cancel his presence on social networks.

The analgesic pill was seen to be very effective in dulling the pain. It is also the well-known morphine that has had the risk of producing pernicious mania. TikTok and fentanyl are accumulating users. The first makes a progressive kidnapping of time and atrophies concentration, while the second goes from being medicinal to being psychedelic to flee from reality to a state of poisonous torpor. The deadly effects are multiplied.

It is proposed not to use it as an analgesic alternative and to find some soothing substance to take its place soon, without the same deleterious effects.


It is true that after the tie, in extra innings, the Colombians took the victory from the Mexican ninth, which was almost in the bag.

But then came the chain of victories. Defeat England, the United States and Canada. And how did he do with Puerto Rico? …

In these directions the fans have enjoyed exciting seasons with the constant attempts of the Saraperos.

The overwhelming wave of soccer has not stifled −with the goal− the baseball fanaticism that knows how to applaud a good pitch, a huge hit, a great catch, a stolen base or a double play of great precision.


Leopard tanks from Germany and now fast planes from Poland enter the deadly game of devastating Ukrainian and Russian missiles.

Twenty-four-hour prayers are also raised, throughout the world and from Rome, to implore the grace of dialogue, of conversation, of colloquium that leads to reciprocal renunciations in order to no longer try to win, but to avoid the painful losses of so many young lives. sacrificed for the mutual mistrust that was allowed to grow…

I hope they know how to receive, take advantage of and appreciate the graces and blessings that the One who gives everything is already distributing profusely…

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