Italy: Protests in Milan over the blocking of registration of children of homosexual couples born abroad

The government of the Italian prime minister, the far-right Giorgia Meloniordered the Civil Registry of Milan to stop registering the children of homosexual couples born abroad. In this framework, different LGBTQI+ organizations denounced that the decision was discriminatory and carried out this Saturday a protest in La Scala Square of that city.

In July 2022, the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, authorized the registration of the children of homosexual couples considering that there was a legal vacuum. About 300 families they were able to carry out the process to register these babies as their own and not adoptive children in the civil registry.

That is why, after receiving the notification from the government delegation on Monday, which prohibited him from continuing with this decision, Sala said in a statement that “this, in my opinion, It is a clear step backwards from the political and social point of viewand I put myself in the shoes of those parents in Milan who thought they could count on this possibility”.

“I am always with you. We have a big problem, which is a legal vacuum that must be overcome”, assured the mayor, and shot at the Meloni leadership: “But this government, as we have all understood, is doing everything possible to humiliate those who do not think like them“.

Along these lines, the opposition leader to the right-wing government and secretary of the Democratic Party, Elly Schlein, attended the protest this Saturday and assured that will present proposals in Parliament so that recognize by law the right of homosexual couples”.

This same week, the right-wing coalition that has ruled the country since October joined forces in a Senate committee and rejected theEuropean Certificate of Paternity” proposed by the European Commission to automatically recognize paternity established and legal in another Member State, including that of LGTBQI+ families.

The decision of the Italian Ministry of the Interior, which was carried out by the government delegation, is based on a 2004 law on assisted human reproduction techniques and procedures, that are allowed only for heterosexual couples.

The regulations of the Government delegation explain that only the parent who has a biological relationship with the childcan be mentioned on the birth certificate and the “transcription of birth certificates issued abroad” is not allowed.

Surrogacy of wombs: lto legislation in Argentina

Is it legal to rent a womb Argentina? The situation is diffuse, because Although there is no law that prohibits or legalizes the practice, there is an obstacle that complicates the process. For him article 562 of the Civil Code, the mother of a child is the one who gestates it. For this reason, those who try to carry out surrogacy in Argentina must make a judicial presentation to request authorization.

However, in the City of Buenos Aires there is the possibility of not resorting to Justice. consulted by AM750, the perinatal psychologist and founder of the Foundation CONCEIVE, Estela Chardonexplained that in the territory of Buenos Aires currently governs a collective protection that “allows the registration of a baby in the name of its parents (for example, in the case of male partners) with the gestation contract in front of a notary public and the informed consent of the reproduction clinic, without the need for a court ruling”.

But the situation is different in other jurisdictions of the country. Outside CABA, It is necessary to have a court ruling to be able to register the baby.

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