"I already have lots of other ideas"Laurent Delahousse announces in full interview that he thought of slamming the door of the JT of France 2!

It’s been more than fifteen years that the beautiful blond with the delicately rebellious lock is the strong face of the JT of the weekend on France 2. If he rarely grants interviews, Laurent Delahousse has nevertheless agreed to play the game of questions and answers for the columns of the magazine. Society, this Thursday, March 16, 2023. The opportunity for the 53-year-old journalist to talk not only about his conception of the profession of presenter but also to indulge in some confidences about his family and his relationship with actress Alice Taglioni. The news? “It is an appointment which imposes a responsibility, and which imposed a silence on me. A form of impediment. The incarnation of a newspaper that remains a totem for the French imposes, in my opinion, a form of restraint, of public silence. And that suits me well enough,” he explains first of all as if to better excuse his rarity in the media.“Interviews? I must have granted six in six years. Presenting the 8 p.m. is a bit like going into order: I took a vow of silence” he finally clarifies.

“No weekend for fifteen years, it can end up weighing”

His role ? The journalist sees it as “as an intermediary between anger, hatred, the difficulties of the world and the French. It is both extremely rewarding and dizzying. For a restless person like me, it may have affected me more than I thought. A form of fatigue, wear and tear…” he relates, hearing that it had happened to him to be exhausted. And to emphasize “when it comes back, maybe then I’ll stop, I already have plenty of other ideas.” Rather discreet about his private life, Laurent Delahousse confides this time about his family, and we feel a certain form of guilt in him for having to work six days a week non-stop for so many years. With his partner, Alice Taglioni, he has two children, Swann, 7, and Lino, 3. But the journalist is also the father of Liv-Helen and Sacha, born respectively in 2005 and 2008, the fruit of his love with journalist Florence Kieffer. How much time can he dedicate to them? “No weekend for fifteen years, it can end up weighing, but I like it; there is much worse, no? Last year, I hadn’t taken a vacation for a very long time and I went skiing with two of my children and my partner. However, I believe that Putin declares the war in Ukraine when I arrive on the platform of the station. My kids saw the face I made. In my eyes, there was something a little schizophrenic: what am I doing here? explains the father, torn between his passion for information and the love he has for his family. Nevertheless, Laurent Delahousse knows how to make sense of things: “In X years, I will be absolutely not remembered, so no, I am not working to leave a trace. I work for, in the present moment, to bring a real photograph of society in the state where it is. Or to be an intermediary between the world and those who cannot see it. A mirror also for people who sometimes feel a little lonely at home”, che concludes with a philosophy tinged with humanism. Whatever the sacrifices of his relatives who, surely, love him so.



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